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Hey guys! It’s Laura.

Do you own your own business? We want to help you! My website, LauraLoomer.US is growing, and we already average over 50K views a month, now that I’m listed on , that number is going to keep going up!

My Instagram has over 100,000 fellow conservatives following me, and I want us to support each other to keep conservatives in business.

We can post an ad, a video, or a shout-out to your business and website, on any or all of these platforms. Our website space starts at just $800 for an entire month, and less for Facebook posts.

That’s new eyes every day for your company!


Just answer a few questions below, or email, tell us a little about your company, what your budget is, and my marketing specialist will reach out to you asap.

Let’s support each other, and tell the liberals, conservatives can’t be stopped!

Here are some great options to promote your business:

Facebook post with photo and written endorsement: $350, or $550 for 2 posts a month.
Instagram Stories – $500/week – 1 story every 24 hours for 5 days, photo post.
Website: $800/month for banner or sidebar ad above the fold with hyperlink
Sponsor a Loomered Video – Laura will film an intro with text explaining who the company is, thank them for sponsoring her video, and include their link the description of the video, as well as state the website in the intro. $2000. The promo will stay in the video forever, provided the company lives up to it’s claims.

I look forward to learning about your awesome conservative-owned companies, and working together!

~ Truthfully, Laura Loomer