SDNY | Just Made Sure House Democrats Can’t Hide Facts On UKRAINE

It’s almost as if we knew?

Today the FAKE NEWS mainstream media (MSM) are parading around “Two business associates of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani have been arrested on campaign finance charges” as if this a something burger. It’s a nothing burger and obviously a trap they walked right into it.

According to the indictment, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman have been under investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan. The MSM is making sure that you know that these two men are associates of attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani who happens to be their lawyer (in other matters – not this), and who also is President Trump’s personal attorney. They were arrested on charges that they conspired to funnel foreign money to U.S. politicians in a bid, while attempting to launch a marijuana business across four different states with a foreign investor (like most large ventures do), according to a newly unsealed indictment.

In summary here is what the indictment claims:

Why Do People Believe in Conspiracy Theories? | SiOWfa16 ...
  • They deal in multi-million dollar real estate deals and other businesses. (How dare they make money?)
  • They wanted to cash in on recreational marijuana but needed investors. (How dare they raise money for a business venture?)
  • They met with foreign investors over dinner and drinks to discuss the recreational marijuana business (Unheard of)
  • They never donated money to a campaign except for Donald J. Trump (So did half of America)
  • They got $1 MIL from the foreign investor for a multi-state recreational marijuana business (They don’t need proof they just know)
  • These two Americans are of Ukrainian and Belarus decent! (Every Syrian is now a suspect? Racist Much?)
  • There is a lot more intricate language like: One donated on behalf of another and it was such an insane amount – $10,000 he donated weeks after meeting with a Russian.
  • They made a lot of money from selling property in Miami. Multi-million dollar properties to foreigners and then after successfully making a ton of money, they donated to a PAC for Trump. The money was from foreigners!
I guess these foreign born or linked guys should be looked into as well. HGTV: Million Dollar Listing


You can get a ham sandwich indicted because the grand jury only hears your side of the story. In court this will all be dismissed. After all, these men now have time to prepare and get discovery! All of that will be under seal, which means that Adam Schiff is having a bad day.

Pencil Neck Full O’ Schiff

Adam Schiff loves closed-door testimony because he doesn’t have to release the transcript and he can say whatever he wants to the media and they take it as gospel. MSM aren’t reporting news. The MSM is the PR arm for the Dishonest Democrats.

Adam Schiff subpoenaed Parnas and Fruman to testify and turn over documents and communications related to their donations today. Is it because they care about the ongoing private civil suit going on in Florida? No, it’s because the “RUSSIA HOAX” is dead and they are looking to revive it.


What’s funny is, is that they didn’t know they were arrested late last night. It’s almost as if Leaky Schiff’s office is in the dark about many things. The Delinquent Democrats are so terrified that they will be held accountable for their crimes they have committed against the people of the United States (not to mention the ACT OF WAR of weaponizing migrants by funding caravans) that they will do anything to remove President Trump.

Apparently Paul Pelosi Jr. found out that when Joe Biden was NOT officially a candidate for the Presidential race, Giuliani was talking to the Ukrainians. In fact, Parnas told the Post that Giuliani is his lawyer. He set up a call via Skype for his lawyer with Viktor Shokin and coordinated (because he speaks Ukrainian) the face to face meeting Yuri Lutsenko had with Giuliani in New York. Viktor Shokin was the guy Biden bragged about getting fired.

Since they are so insanely vicious they can’t see, they walked right into it.

Parnas said he and Fruman helped set up a Skype call for Giuliani in late 2018 with Viktor Shokin, who was Ukraine’s prosecutor general from 2015 to 2016, and an in-person meeting in New York in January 2019 with Yuri Lutsenko, then Ukraine’s prosecutor general.

NY Attorney General Leticia ran her campaign foaming at the mouth about President Trump, so when SDNY announced that they might have something linking President Trump or his attorney to Ukraine, they immediately went after it! They didn’t consult with Adam Schiff, who was waiting to subpoena them today to testify behind closed doors. OOPS!

Below are the subpoenas Schiff sent off this morning demanding them to appear. Unfortunately, they were arrested last night. Will they offer them a “deal”? They walked right into it. It’s a criminal investigation that means they can’t attend his “pony show”.

Link to all Documents

On page 4, Schiff made it clear that as private citizens they HAVE to testify, but now that they are arrested they can’t. Everything they asked them to produce is under attorney client privilege in an ongoing criminal investigation.

That means that all the Ukraine details about Biden, Pelosi, Romney, and many many more will be part of PUBLIC RECORD, not behind closed doors. The timing of the subpoena is very suspect. Regardless, if I were Adam Schiff, I would be worried about the UKRAINIAN that donated TONS of cash to his campaign. Which Ukrainian? Igor Pasternack.

According to Scott Adams, Pasternack received $15.5 MIL of government funding for development work – not to provide an actual product just research and development. Apparently BLIMPS are “incognito and great for covert surveillance.

Across the street from AEROS “business” a jet that is owned by PACIFIC REAL ESTATE CONSULTING is parked? Don’t the Pelosi’s have a company with that name in their portfolio?

Everyone who signed off on the $15.5 MIL allocation to AEROS (that includes SCHIFF) got insane campaign donations from the company itself.

Looks like this SHELL COMPANY who has 5 employees got tons of money from Californian Democrats. Funny thing is, AEROS got a fancy patent (HERE) for their surveillance blimp granting them exclusivity in 2015! In 2015, Schiff and the other Democrats that got campaign donations from AEROS raised MORE money for the shell blimp company.

Democrats “invest” in incognito Ukrainian surveillance blimps

No wonder Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and almost all the Democrats are working overtime with their partner, the MSM to overthrow the government. We hear that House Democrats will most likely subpoena Rick Perry the Energy Secretary next.

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