Many people wonder how the swamp and deep state communicate. It’s at the forefront of investigation right now : emails and calls. Obviously when the swamp is in power they are careless. They use government emails, phones, and social media platforms, but what about during a Trump administration that is draining the swamp?

Dinosaur techniques

All individuals who have undergone some form of training at the FARM (like Schiff, Comey, etc.) know the usual digital standards of communications. Did you know that emojis are actually represented by letters?

Emoji Keyboard: Literal Type Faces - Technabob

The most “savvy” way lately to send encrypted messages is to send an image that has another encrypted image (that has an encrypted message) in a code? All such messaging methods still have one downfall: They can almost all be traced back to the creator.

People in the House, Senate, and even in our younger Intel Community not trained in old school methods are NOT as smart as they used to be about covert communications. Back in the day, insane classified ads in newspapers were placed, sowing messages into clothing, hand signals and colors were used. Creativity has slowed down with technology due to our dependency on it. Let’s be honest though, would you think Nancy Pelosi has the skills to concoct a way to communicate creatively when she cant even champion through a sentence?

In 2019, everything – even government communications – are all recorded and traced on digital platforms. Emails, calls, text messages, social media, other messenger apps, can all be accessed to some extent. That is because they are the usual method of communications. Since the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency there was really no way to escape surveillance. The corrupt “families” post JFK infiltrated all ranks of almost all agencies and got comfortable.

Even though the swamp rolled out methods, implemented laws, and created agencies to spy on everyone and their mother, they still confidently communicate freely. Even most recently (post 9/11), creating the NSA 72 hour upstream collections (Section 702), certain communications were purposely “dumped” or ignored because of the probability of being used for covert communications by the non-partisan intelligence community, but were suddenly implemented by the nefarious swamp in 2016.

Last week, major CEOs of companies – both tech and non-tech – have stepped down. This went under the radar because the fake whistleblower complaint was being purported as credible and urgent. Why is this important?

Suppose I want to share information or plant information about funds or exchange information damning to the Freedom Caucus. Like any good IC (intelligence community) asset, senator, or congressperson, I always assume I am under surveillance. I would freely discuss my point of view, sending emails that walk a fine line, but my method of actual communication (burner phone or MESSAGING), is never revealed.

Ebay messages – Gummigranulat mikroplast

If I were Adam Schiff, having undergone specific training, I would coordinate a meeting or exchange information with Daniel J. Jones in a way that would be flagged as junk section 702 collection under a fake email. I would create an email that can’t be traced to me and set up an Ebay account. I would then post an advertisement to sell socks with clouds on them. Daniel J. Jones would have a google alert for all postings on the web that have the words “Amazing Socks Actual Pretty clouds”. Jones would then find the advertisement and begin messaging me through Ebay messenger about the socks, speaking in shorthand or a predetermined code.

While social media DMs are viewable and the recent hack of Jack Dorsey’s account being a distraction to hack other DMs, one has to wonder how their communications are happening.

All covert assets know that hiding in plain sight is the most effective way to communicate and complete a mission or assignment. Now that the heat is on, criminal charges are coming down the pipeline. Ambassador Yovanovitch is “going through something” (like President Trump stated to President Zelensky), and Nuland Grand Jury is almost done. You have to wonder, why do every single one of them use ETSY?

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GS: George Soros

Victoria Nuland is being nailed on her communications and participation in corruption concerns meddling with foreign governments. Election meddling and employing outside actors to do so are mostly coming from her careless assistant Ana Prieto-Danaher.

What is odd is that Nuland’s former assistant seems to have tons of connections with various contractors via her Etsy account. Wouldn’t it be crazy if all their actual communications or leaks are happening through messaging means like Ebay or Etsy?

As the day of the FISA declassification draws near, desperate attempts by former FBI, DOJ, and other government actors via their lawyers are blatantly asking or baiting to find out about Grand Juries underway. Could the deep state be hiding their communications in plain sight?

Listening devices don’t just go into ears.

Strange occurrences and repeat instances always warrant questioning, that is the premise of every good investigative journalist. We will soon be getting news of emails manifesting, communications on alternative platforms and more. It’s only a matter of time and if we at know about alternate communication means you better believe AG Barr’s investigative team does too.

The Trump administration is investigating the communications of all current and former senior State Dept. officials who sent messages to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Maybe the administration has expanded that search to former White House NSC members that are now at the State Department. #Stahl

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