Exclusive OIG DOCS: MSM’s Obsession And Hate For Trump Created SharpieGate

When you work for the federal government you park your politics outside at the door.

Looks like National Weather Service (NWS) Alabama communications employee and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) spokesman Chris Vaccaro are in some HOT water. Vaccaro went on the record to CNN who may or may not have taken his statement out of context. Nevertheless, CNN weaponized timing and changing weather conditions to ridicule our nation once again.

Inspector General of the Department of Commerce Peggy Gustafson, an Obama loyalist and holdover, sent out a letter to NOAA to obtain all information regarding #SHARPIEGATE.

This letter is a demonstration of non-partisanship, but necessary because it will help identify WHO dropped the ball and didn’t provide the President of the United States with updated information on the status of Hurricane Dorian.

President Trump left Washington on Friday August 30, 2019 for Camp David to mediate a secret meeting between the President of Afghanistan, Ghani, and hostile Afghani political party Taliban. Many news outlets reported that the president was going to spend his Saturday at Camp David with weather and FEMA experts monitoring the Category 4 (at the time) Hurricane Dorian.

In fact, President Trump had a FEMA official with him during his trip to Camp David and he was being briefed “every hour” according to White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.

The president’s whole itinerary for Sunday, September 1, 2019 was dedicated to Hurricane Dorian from the minute he would arrive back to Washington D.C.

Sunday morning, September 1, 2019, as President Trump was getting ready to return to the White House, he was briefed by the FEMA official accompanying him. Prior to departing Camp David and with information from the briefing he tweeted:

A message purely of concern to the citizens of the states – in anticipation of an impending storm – quickly devolved into an opportunity for the #FakeNews to attack the man who represents our country thanks to a dismissive and poignant tweet by Alabama’s NWS Twitter account in response to the president’s statement less than 30 minutes later.

The meteorologist from the weather service in Birmingham justifies his very quick response by citing residents’ concerns about what to do. In all areas of employment, but especially those in government, you always check with your superior and immediate chain of command before you PUBLICLY denounce your boss, supervisory agency, and/or of course the President of the United States’ statements. Such actions cannot be recalled once in the ether.

NOAA agency spokesman Christopher Vaccaro made the error of speaking to the mainstream media (MSM) before getting the whole picture on the record stating that ON THAT DAY the “current forecast path of Dorian does not include Alabama”.

Even #FakeNews Fox “meteorologist” Janice Dean tweeted about it. Dean is NOT a meteorologist. To be an actual meteorologist, you must have a Bachelors of Science degree in Atmospheric Sciences and/or Meteorology. Her diploma in Radio & Television Broadcasting from Algonquin College don’t qualify her statements as “scientific fact”.

Weather Girl: Orange Man Bad

The weather girl decided to flex her “legal knowledge” and tweet this out too:

Weather Girl #TDS is obvious

Though Dean has the seal of approval since 2009 from the American Meteorological Society, to stand in front of a green screen and read the teleprompter with weather info doesn’t mean anything that she says is FACT. Besides, WEATHER GIRL should know that to commit a crime you actually need to be doing it with the intent to commit a crime. IF the information provided to the president by the Rear Admiral of the Coast Guard and FEMA official said Alabama was in the path … then Alabama was in the path. Take a seat Weather Girl!

After INVESTIGATING the facts and circumstances surrounding the outlandish, over-the-top, and malicious #sharpiegate banter, NOAA that oversees the National Weather Service (NWS), put out a statement.

From Wednesday, August 28, through Monday, September 2, the information provided by NOAA and the National Hurricane Center to President Trump and the wider public demonstrated that tropical-storm-force winds from Hurricane Dorian could impact Alabama. This is clearly demonstrated in Hurricane Advisories #15 through #41, which can be viewed at the following link.


In fact, the president was shown the following type of diagram that included ALABAMA when he tweeted and when he was giving a press conference.


Weather can change from minute to minute and by the time President Trump had his press conference, the 30% chance of Alabama being involved had fallen. Most likely, someone dropped the ball and didn’t update as they should have. In fact, the highest percentage Hurricane Dorian would hit somewhere in Alabama was 11% at the time of his press conference, but the Hurricane Center charts showed that earlier that morning, (and just as he tweeted) the chances were briefly between 20% and 30%, according to a graphic shown and explained to the president.

The matter is being investigated by the OIG and this is why NOAA responded with a delay. They needed to know why and who, but also to determine if this was purposeful sabotage. Regardless of the reason, one thing is for sure, the NWS employee that tweeted without conferring with his superiors should be fired on the spot. People dropping the ball make our nation look bad and if someone is willing to die on the sword for interviews and a couple of dollars from CNN, then let them die on that sword with no government retirement benefits. #CYA

Rear Admiral Peter Brown, the president’s Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Adviser, said he had briefed Trump about the potential path of the storm using the NHC forecast and other models. He said he had briefed the president on information that was provided to him indicating that Alabama was in the forecast.

In fact, from the evening of Tuesday, August 27, until the morning of Monday, September 2, forecasts from the National Hurricane Center showed the possibility of tropical storm force winds hitting parts of Alabama.

The forecast track changed substantially over time and areas that were originally seen as targets such as Puerto Rico, South Florida, and the Gulf Coast experienced minimal to no impact from Hurricane Dorian.

Rear Admiral Peter Brown

Even though Obama holdover Gustafson would LOVE to see this fall into President Trump’s fault center, this OIG investigation is necessary to remove people from federal agencies that suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and politicize their offices. When you work for the federal government you park your politics outside at the door. If you are responsible for providing information, partaking in presidential briefings, or briefing the President of the United States, you better be able to do your job impartially.

Last Friday our sources reported that the information produced to the OIG demonstrated communications and an environment similar to that of Strzok-Page, only more childish. LauraLoomer.us has submitted a request for the findings and await for the “completion” of their investigation to update this report.

Tore is a nationally syndicated talk radio host that airs live M-F 12-2PM EST on Red State Talk Radio and a contributor for LauraLoomer.US.

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