CNN Geography Is To Blame: Fake Alabama Outrage By Stelter

#CNNGeography is to blame for much of CNN FAKE NEWS reporting. Maybe, the Russia Meddling was a mistake based on their geography – maybe it was really Chappaqua, NY meddling?

Leave it to CNN to jump at any opportunity to attack President Trump. CNN gives fancy titles to their “journalists” like “Senior Political War Strategist”, yet they have never been to a war zone. They’ve also used the title “Chief Intelligence Advising Correspondent”, but to whom are they advising exactly? You’d expect no less when they put forward their “best” to the White House, unfortunately, their best is Jim Acosta.

Brian Stelter, who’s supposedly “well educated”, with CNN knighting him as “Chief Media Correspondent”, is also a CNN Geography Honor Student. If he is chief of anything, he’s chief of the tribe of clowns and allegedly an expert at eating hamburgers. He should not be held accountable for publishing and updating the article below because CNN Geography is to blame.

Stelter is way too important and way too busy to remember that Alabama is actually where Mississippi is marked on the CNN Map. Ergo, Alabama wouldn’t be on the list, would it? Yet, it was on the list originally.

#CNNGeography has determined Alabama has moved

Even racist Don Lemon, not known for being very intelligent, who hangs around to provide support to liars like Jussie Smollett and uses profanity on TV, said Alabama was listed as a state that may be hit hard by Hurricane Dorian.

Racism against white people isn’t really racism #LiberalLogic

That would explain the #RussiaMeddling they have been reporting which is Fake News. Again, #CNNGeography is to blame not the “journalists”.

Now it makes sense- the “Russians” torched their garage to hide evidence.

CNN not only makes up their own news, their own polls, and their own sources, but they also make up their own geography.


Afghanistan is not there.


Cambodia is in Africa


Sicily is not Cyprus


Greece is NOT in Africa


Queensland has relocated.


In CNN’s reality the Ukraine is in Asia

Even countries like Niger, that CNN sent correspondents to almost every week between 2002-2010 due to “yellow cake uranium” and Clinton Foundation investments, is NOW Nigeria!

That’s Niger not Nigeria
Tripoli is now sitting in Syria… approximately where the Russian Naval base is in Tartus.

According to #CNNGeography, Iraq is in Europe.

According to CNN, London is in Norfolk, where all the fishermen are and the accents are semi-Geordie.

London has moved.

According to CNN Geography, Cannes, France is on the border of Spain and Portugal. That would explain why it is a Weinstein and Podesta hotspot. That is close to where Madeleine McCann went missing.

Cannes, France is actually at the border of Spain and Portugal

Since Cannes, France is in Spain … Portugal, according to CNN Geography, is an island off the West African coast.

Children go missing all the time in Africa. Lisbon, off the coast of West Africa, would make sense with all the missing children that have been reported in that area.

Portugal, an island off West Africa according to CNN Geography

Maybe we should cut CNN some slack. It’s hard to remember world geography, but they make up their own U.S. geography too.

Based on this reporting, it makes people wonder why FISA applications had references to CNN. They can’t even label states correctly.

New York is not a commonwealth state.
Kentucky and Indiana totally confusing.

Fake News, fake geography, fake outrage, fake breaking news (walls are closing in), fake polls – just all around FAKE. It’s 2019, so maybe they are reporting what THEY identify as real news, name states, and countries on maps as they identify because it’s not about facts – it’s about what you identify things as. Ten years ago that would be called “shaping your own reality”. Twenty years ago it would be called delusional, and 72 hour holds would be dropped into that conversation.

If you think outrage over President Trump’s marker is insane you’ve probably forgotten:

With every outrage there is opportunity. If you want to get a snazzy marker that circles Alabama (what CNN calls Mississippi), you can purchase one with the greatest President’s signature on it.

The rule of thumb for all Americans during the Presidential Election is to ask yourself one question:

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