Walgreens Security Guards Are Deadlier Than Open Carry Citizens

Walgreens joined the virtue signalling bandwagon declaring that conceal and carry customers are not allowed to carry weapons on the premises of their store. That is their prerogative as a private business to do so, but what if the customers need to protect themselves from their trigger-happy security guards?

Did you know that statistically you are more likely to be shot by a Walgreen’s security guard or employee than a thief? That’s a fact!

In fact, in the month of December 2018, four fatalities and two others were injured from Walgreens’ trigger-happy employees. It’s not something new, it’s been happening for years. Current or past disgruntled Walgreens employees shoot customers and other employees too frequently and now Walgreens doesn’t want you to be able to protect yourself.

June 2018

Chicago, IL

In Chicago, Il where guns are outlawed, 46-year-old Sircie Varnado went to her local Walgreens. At one point, the manager suspected the woman was shoplifting, but instead of calling the police, he called his “rent-a-cop” security guard to come and defuse the situation. The man who arrived was a temporary or seasonal security guard for the Walgreens in question. Many believe he was on duty, being paid by the manager through a petty cash account and not an official employee of Walgreens. The Chicago Tribune reported that the manager was having issues with the woman, so he called a friend who used to work security to help him.

The police obtained surveillance video footage that revealed the “security guard” had a verbal exchange with the now deceased Varnado, and body slammed the 120 lb woman to the ground. As she told him to stop searching her property, the “security guard” shot the woman in the face and ran out of the store. She was pronounced dead at Mt. Sinai hospital. The woman was executed – IF she was actually shoplifting in Walgreens at all.

Walgreens has released a statement in regards to the tragic event, but according to the local Chicago CBS report, they say the company could face legal action according to a legal analyst.

December 2018

Los Angeles, CA

A Walgreens security guard shot and killed Jonathan Hart, who was 21-years-old, inside a Walgreens at Vine Street and Sunset Boulevard on Dec. 2, 2018. The security guard was 28-year-old Donald Vincent Ciota who, subsequently, was arrested with one count of murder with the use of a firearm as a deadly weapon. Does Walgreens have armed security on their premises? Isn’t that slightly overkill (no pun intended) for a pharmacy?

The Walgreens security guard suspected that Jonathan Hart was shoplifting. A physical altercation sparked between them and the security guard pulled his firearm, shooting the 21-year-old at the nape of his neck, instantly killing him. After he shot him, the security guard ran away.

The young man was not shoplifting. Before his death, Hart spoke with the manager of the store and explained he had gotten into a confrontation with the security guard. Hart was unarmed and not shoplifting. According to court records, the young man had his California State ID card in his hand when they found him dead at Walgreens.

If the Security Guard was an illegal would he be let off?

December 2018

Tulsa, OK

A disgruntled customer was complaining to a Walgreens employee at the photo station about his photos and jumped over the counter to take the photos from the photo clerk.

A Walgreens clerk who had a conceal and carry license opened fire on the disgruntled customer that happened to also be openly carrying. This incident left three shot and one person dead at the Walgreens on 71st and Lewis in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The disgruntled customer who was open carrying was shot dead, whereas the Walgreens employee shot the photo clerk, grazed a customer and shot another customer with stray shots.

December 2018

Nashville, TN

49 year-old convicted felon Marcus Pullens was shoplifting at the Clarksville Pike Walgreens and as he tried to exit the store, he was confronted by Qwardell Stewart, a Walgreens security guard. A physical altercation ensued with the shoplifter fending off a baton and trying to escape, simultaneously scraping the Walgreen security guard with a box cutter. At that point, the Walgreens security guard opened fire and shot Pullens in both his legs.

The court decided to give Pullens 4 years probation even though since 1988 he has been arrested more than 115 times. Yes, you read that right. 115 times. The Walgreens security guard has since been fired.

MAY 2019

Harris County, Texas

A child, aged 16 and a young man aged 18, were shot by a Walgreens security guard in Harris County, Texas. The child and young man were cousins and masked. They were approaching the entrance of the Walgreens in what the Walgreens security guard considered to be a premeditated robbery. According to the Walgreens security guard affidavit, he claims to have come around the corner and ordered the teens to stop. One of the teens may have pulled out a weapon, so the Walgreens security guard shot them both, killing the 16 year-old-boy and injuring the young man.

There are many more incidents but these are the ones that got the most coverage. In just one year, more than 10 people have been shot and injured by a Walgreens security guard.

In just one year, one child and 3 adults have been killed by Walgreens security guards.

The fact that Walgreens is denying law abiding citizens their right to conceal and carry or open carry in their stores increases the chances that a Walgreens armed security guard may shoot – and even kill you.

More people died at the hands of a Walgreens security guard in a year than from a natural disaster in the USA. More people died at the hands of a Walgreens security guard in a year than by a creepy stalker at some National Park.

Walgreens seems to be hiring security guards that believe taking a life for stolen pantyhose is just. Now in their brief statement, as they hopped onto the virtue signalling bandwagon, a few questions remain.

We are joining other retailers in asking our customers to no longer openly carry firearms into our stores other than authorized law enforcement officials.

Walgreens Statement

Will they finally disarm their deadly security guards? Yeah, a thief deserves what they get, but for pantyhose or chapstick that is insured-why take a life away?

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