Modern Day Slavery: Obedience Quantified By Your Social Credit Score

When you ask a leftist or liberal why they loathe conservatives and why they applaud removing people like Alex Jones or Laura Loomer from the global community of cyberspace – basically excluding them from social discourse – they will answer with something like: “They promote hate” or “He’s a conspiracy theorist,” and thus, have NO entitlement to be afforded the rights of others. That is scary. It’s scary because they say it and mean it without the realization that tomorrow it will be them.

Social credit – or social clout is essentially quantifying your obedience. You are rewarded on your obedience score. A social credit score or your social clout determines what services you are allowed to use, if you can participate in social discourse and possibly whether or not you can own a weapon. Sounds like discrimination — because it is. It’s a VERY slippery slope that doesn’t stop there. Rights that are usually afforded to every U.S. citizen may not be enjoyed if your “score” isn’t good enough. Notably, those doing the scoring may not like, approve or agree with your point of view, religious beliefs or ideologies and the same goes for the “rules” you must abide by to have a “good” score.

Imagine living in a world where you can’t even be honest that you had the crappiest cookies or cup of coffee because you want to increase your score. In essence, you have to choose between being true to yourself or obedient to what the mainstream media (MSM) says you should be like. Body image, hair, smile, laugh, language usage, pronouns, all standards set and dictated by others making it virtually impossible to be the real you. If you haven’t watched the episode “Nosedive” from the anthology series Black Mirror you should. Below is a clip that depicts the dystopian future the left is pushing.

Citizens of the United States of America pride themselves as crusaders of freedom, freedom of speech, making changes in the world, and advocating for minorities. That may have been true about 200 years ago, but not today. Abraham Lincoln, a Conservative and Republican president, abolished slavery. He recognized the innate right to freedom of any man or woman that resided on U.S. soil. This changed the way the world judged people on superficial attributes such as the color of one’s skin. Lincoln’s fight against slavery was a fight against demeaning, dehumanizing, and reducing rights of people that were DIFFERENT.

In nature, all creatures approach unknown, different or unfamiliar territory or creatures with caution, reservation and fear. This is observed throughout the whole animal kingdom and does not discriminate with humans. In the year 2019, superficial characteristics should not create social categories within modern societies, but they are. This is not because it advances societal goals, but hinders them for a purpose- slavery. Let’s elaborate.

Liberals, leftists and Democrats supposedly promote individuality and shattering glass ceilings and even scientific facts (i.e. determination of sex) in the name of equality and freedom. Cyber expulsions, attacking those with differentiating opinions, shunning or socially isolating those that think differently than them, indicate the contrary – and fundamentally, this behavior and movement is a result of the soft launch of social credit scoring, which the FBI coins “Citizen Score”.

Freedom of speech doesn’t have disclosures or fine print. Nowhere in our constitution are there stipulations of all rights we are afforded as citizens of the United States of America. It does not say “you have the right to free speech as long as the majority agree with you,” it does not say “you have the right to bear arms as long as it’s just for hunting or if society thinks you are allowed to have one.”

The left, Big Tech, the Democrats and the MSM perpetuate ideas of persons that they claim are unique, express themselves freely, advocate for redistribution of wealth, a utopia with no war, guns or death, all in exchange for one thing: FREEDOM.

The Democrat Party promotes “freedom” by pushing red flag laws and using technology against the people in the name of “safety”, which is the equivalent of saying you can light yourself on fire but not burn.

Our nation and all the innovation that has arisen from it was due to the people who thought outside of the box, who went against popular belief, who challenged authority with questions and refused to be obedient to progressive and archaic social norms. Isn’t that what the liberals believe they are advocating for? If so, then why are they trying to silence, exclude and eradicate those that are doing just that? Slavery was born by such ideas. A group of people got together and decided that Africans they encountered are savages compared to them. Here is an excerpt from a Democrat House member named Johnson from Georgia in 1854 in response to why “The people of Niger do not have rights”

They don’t use cutlery, they tear meat with hands and defecate behind twigs that are propped up by more twigs they consider a home. They fight to the death like animals. They have no manners and cannot be introduced to society as such. This is why we chose to domesticate them as workers in exchange for room and board as one would an ox or canine.

Library of Congress Star News 1854 J. Johnson (D-GA)

From these mere testimonies provided by those advocating slavery back in the 1800s, it is evident that rights of a person were dictated by the masses. Slave owners lived in houses, ate with forks, cooked their food, wore clothes, bathed and would hardly ever strike another person unless necessary. “Inferior” beings would not comply or acknowledge laws against striking another, they ate with their hands, indecent exposure etc. – therefore, since they don’t act, think,or respond like the rest of society, they did not DESERVE the same rights afforded to those that complied with mainstream social norms.

Putting all that in 2019 terms, a “savage”, outcast, or “inferior” person would be someone with a low social credit score. Most of the Western world is on the same page with respect to generalized social norms – exercising modesty, manners, understanding for others, and respect for life in a broad sense. Thus, your “social credit score” is a reflection of your ideologies and beliefs that may translate into public actions, but mostly demonstrated in your private circles and or space.

Social credit scoring was something that manifested into mainstream use in 2010 but mostly used and referenced by those in media, publishing, public relations, marketing and advertising. A service coined KLOUT ( KLOUT.COM ) allowed people to provide full access to their social media platforms and, in turn, an algorithm would determine their “SOCIAL STATUS”. Personally, I had a score of 88 which was in the top 1% with people like the president, mainstream media (MSM) reporters, pundits, actors, singers and businessmen whose Klout score all sat around 60-92. Every time my score would go up I would be offered free gifts like free business cards, access to apply for influential positions by PR firms, free cell phones, gift cards, exclusive private movie screenings and invited to various events.

This product was a specific set of algorithms that not only rated actual likes, followers, re-shares of content, and number of connections but rated on quality of connections and content. I am no celebrity and not widely known, but by 2014 I had a stellar Klout Score of 66, without much tweeting or posting on Facebook and Instagram, because the foundation of its ratings were based on public and private interactions on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and travel-tracking “check-ins”. The quality of interactions with people who ALSO had high Klout scores would tell the algorithm just how influential and important a person’s voice and opinion were. It was perfected by 2016 and relied on “show me who your friends are and I will tell you how important or reliable you are.”

While many believe influence on social media is unevenly distributed, this rings true on most platforms, and that is why Klout was different. It factored in your travel, meetings, direct messages, connections, frequency of communications with your contacts, follower count, discussions about you and shares. It was a quality social score but it also resembled the early stages of China’s Social Credit Score (SCS) system that was initially VOLUNTARY for over 10 years, but has now become mandatory.

If your social score is low you cannot fly on airlines, sign your child up to certain schools, take cabs, and in some cases will prevent you from shopping! Your social score tells businesses and the government how OBEDIENT you are in respect to the masses, and thus, it determines what activities you are PERMITTED to enjoy.

A guy I met in college had a really low social score. He was handsome, funny and someone I could see myself with. My social score allowed me to get discounts to fly back home to Beijing during school breaks first class, discount cab fare, special sales on clothes and invitations to art galleries and such. I went out on my first date with this guy (who is now my fiance) the day before my flight home. We went to Karaoke together to meet with friends and then out to dinner alone. He walked me to my dorm and went home. No kissing, holding hands or indecent behavior. The next day, the airline refused my first class ticket and I was demoted to coach because my social score dropped because I associated with him. His score went up while mine went down.

Elaine W. (Student in Shanghai)

Social credit is not just based on your actions, discussions, transactions, clothes, hair color, and social media activity, but also WHO you associate with. This is the most important factor of your score and this is why such a system would facilitate exclusion, bullying, and broadening gaps among certain groups of people. Rich versus poor, college educated versus non-college educated, fat versus thin, etc. I don’t believe anyone on the left or right would applaud something like this, so why is this notion being entertained? To be frank, it’s LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.

Previously reported in the article “Jack Dorsey lied to Congress Under Oath, Here is Why,” DARPA and HARPA programs were discussed. They funded social credit scoring programs and used “sock puppets”, (aka bots) to change social discourse on social media.

The Pentagon worked with Twitter and Facebook as early as 2008 when former disgraced President Barack Hussein Obama dominated the internet, giving him a huge advantage over McCain during the 2008 presidential elections. In addition, public discourse shifting with the use of bots was something DARPA paid millions to experiment with on social media platforms during the Manning case. Barack Hussein Obama didn’t use social media just to win elections, but it was HIS administration that introduced it to feed information into the FBI and Department of Homeland Security databases.

Barack Hussein Obama and his live in handler Valerie Jarrett

In 2018, Tore, contributor to LauraLoomer.US, published an article via Big League Politics introducing FBI Face Services and how “citizen scores” are attached to facial recognition profiles. In one specific article it was demonstrated how Crossfire Hurricane was successful and how it may have received its name. In this article it is demonstrated to what lengths the government will go to LIE to the people to keep their “Citizen Log” programs secret. David Cuthbertson, an incognito FBI director who lead this program, signed an MOU with the state of North Dakota days before he appeared on 60 minutes where he claimed that FBI Face Services didn’t exist! Obviously, the MSM helped him perpetuate the lie as mouthpieces for the fourth unelected branch of government.

The FBI’s “Citizen Log” program, formerly known as LifeLog, is at the center of #SpyGate and provided material for the Christopher Steele dossier. Fusion GPS had access to this government database through its operative, Nellie Ohr’s husband Bruce Ohr, at the Justice Department.

The #SpyGate conspirators used the code name “Crossfire Hurricane” because they were all using a contractor called Hurricane Electric, which has access to all of the Barack Obama and James Comey FBI surveillance programs on private American citizens.

HURRICANE ELECTRIC’ Exposed: Fusion GPS Had Access To Obama FBI Surveillance Database – by TORE

The expulsion movement by the left to ban people from the cyber community, labeling them as social dissidents, and prohibiting them to enjoy the freedom of cyberspace is dangerous and expanding rapidly at an alarming rate, with Big Tech pushing it harder than ever before if not spearheading it.

All those banned… the big names were a test. Milo was a bad choice but showed us that the American market won’t move much on foreigners. Alex Jones was the prize. We analyzed how we would do it for months and correspondence between social media companies (and calls) exist to prove we worked together. The president failed the AJ test when he didn’t stand up for Alex Jones. We made it so that even if he didn’t agree with everything Jones said, if he stood up for him we would make him OWN AJ. Trump yielded to MSM and our pressure. That gave us the green light to expand the test pool. It was simply to see how far we can push before someone pushes back. Loomer was a bad choice because she has strong litigation causes against us – because in discovery such communications with organizations she claims are involved like CAIR and other social media companies will be revealed -but everyone is banking on Trump losing 2020 to stop that.

Twitter Group Insider

Conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer was banned on all mainstream social media platforms simply for not conforming with the norms the left has allegedly set. Not only that, but since she was banned from the global cyber community, banks and consumer facing services banned her from enjoying such services because “they don’t agree with her ideologies”. Who sets these ideologies? The masses or politicians? One thing is for sure, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Alex Jones and many more pundits, actors, writers, journalists, and American citizens that are not considered public figures have been part of this BETA TEST.

All our companies are interconnected. If you shop at your farmers market and they use square, your credit card may be blacklisted and you won’t be able to shop. There are many people calling in with complaints that they aren’t allowed to use Square Pay after they have been banned from Twitter. When they enter their phone number to get a receipt or email that is associated with their banned social media account, that credit card automatically becomes blacklisted in the same way Twitter can blacklist actual phone devices, not just accounts.

Twitter Group Insider

The Social Credit Score (SCS) in China illustrates the horrific dystopian future that awaits us if implemented. We’ve seen the nightmare videos (most recently going viral) where they report how it affects people in China, but we aren’t looking at how the soft launch of SCS has hurt people in the Western nations already.

Wired did a piece on Klout scores and how people are losing JOBS over not having a good enough score. Basically, your social media presence depicts your success in certain industries and you can be denied a JOB and or interview if you don’t have a good social score. “WHAT YOUR KLOUT SCORE REALLY MEANS” was published in April 2012 and demonstrated a grim future where your social Klout (or social credit score) could dictate your success.

Imagine having a solid track record consulting for Fortune 500 companies and going to an interview for a position you definitely had the skills for that ends prematurely because your SCS was too low? That is exactly what happened to someone in 2012! It’s 2019, and things have rapidly evolved. Potential employers, colleges, clubs, hospitals and hotels are doing it too.

..even if you have no idea what your Klout score is, there’s a chance that it’s already affecting your life. At the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas last summer, clerks surreptitiously looked up guests’ Klout scores as they checked in. Some high scorers received instant room upgrades..”

Art of the Deal: Discuss an idea to outrage both sides of the fence to yield common ground.

First off, this will never happen under President Trump. Once again, he expresses how he is “flirting” with the idea of giving ground to the left to “be enraged,” and the right to coin him “a traitor”. He’s done this so many times that some people see it as a stability issue, when the only thing President Trump is well known for is his SOLID footing on issues and consistency. Any flippy-flop talk is strictly strategy – he does it to provoke both sides for a response and initiate discourse.

According to the Daily Caller, the proposal is part of an initiative to create a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA), which would be located inside the Health and Human Services Department. In essence, smart devices would listen in on conversations and algorithms will then sift through data that they are programmed to collect and create a “Psych profile” for each citizen in order to PREVENT neuropsychiatric violence. We can’t get a computer to TRANSLATE text from one language to another correctly but we can get a computer to psychoanalyze people?

We’ve all seen that movie before right? The movie where artificial intelligence (AI) would recommend the arrest of certain persons before they committed a crime, even though they hadn’t committed any crime, but charged them like they committed a crime. This is the embodiment and real life application of the movie “Minority Report” (sans the psychic humans connected to a server). The “pre-crime” division in this short clip shows them arresting a man for a murder he would’ve committed. In the movie, it demonstrates instances where the psychic algorithm gets it wrong and the implications of that.

Quintessentially, something similar is being proposed for gun ownership checks. A day you freak out, a day you may be practicing lines for a part, lose a video game and cuss like a sailor, lose your composure because you catch your boyfriend or girlfriend cheating on you, can result in you being placed on a watch list according to algorithms as someone who is a risk to committing a neuro-psychiatric related crime! No being human anymore.

In short, this is already happening under the guise of FBI Face Services. There is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the State of Texas and Health and Human Services since 2008 which is unconstitutional, but nevertheless exists. The State of North Dakota also has such MOUs in place with the FBI and other agencies too. The Attorney General even created his own local state level Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) network where they get together with Supreme Court Justices to discuss ongoing criminal cases (??) and data mining results. That’s unconstitutional, yet still happens. How? The Attorney Generals penned in their own STATE regulations to make it “legal”. That way, they get away with everything that is unconstitutional like sharing their state residents’ Personal Identifying Information (PII), HIPAA data, and photos to the federal government. The question is how much are they making from “selling” this data? Not in the form of money, but that of access. Access to information on anyone, at anytime from anywhere. Imagine trying to report an elected official in a state like that on criminal activities or bad policies- colonoscopy anyone?

It was FBI Face Services that identified the bomber in the Brussels bomb attack a couple of years ago. That “achievement” basically verified what many speculated. FBI Face Services is a global platform where your data, your child’s data, and everybody and their mother’s data is shared with global partners and in turn, global partners share their data with us. That’s scary.

Almost all nefarious data collection programs begin with “voluntary” information. That’s how China did it. People volunteered for perks to participate to perfect the algorithm. In the U.S., FBI Face Services and biometric data collection began in 2003 on a “voluntary” basis. Mr. Cuthbertson of the FBI enticed private companies to provide “perks” if employees opted IN for data sharing within “FEDERAL GUIDELINES,” which include these MOUs. In regards to this HARPA data mining and profiling,  Chris Menahan said ” Though the proposal is starting as a voluntary data collection scheme allegedly aimed at finding warning signs of mental illness, we all know so-called “voluntary” government programs often become mandatory at the drop of a hat,” and he is 100% correct.

Are these social media companies actually private? If you take a close look at financials, they get a lot of federal tax dollars. In this article, the argument being made is the fact that social media platforms are in essence Intelligence Community (IC) elements. Almost everyday we hear of data breaches from Facebook or Twitter. Are they data breaches or cover ups for deals exposed? Just a few days ago, Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) was “hacked” only to reveal a 2020 plan team?

What’s happening in 2020? I wonder if they printed off his direct messages? #JustSaying

The idea of a Social Credit Score (SCS) is being talked about like something that IS coming when it is already here. People are already being shunned, doxxed, harassed, and even physically attacked for ideas that go against the majority consensus. In the case of the left, they are “portrayed” as the majority. It’s important to note that they are PORTRAYED as a majority view, because if indeed they were a majority, the Democratic Party wouldn’t be hosting campaign fundraisers OUTSIDE of the United States and wouldn’t be BROKE. The MSM and their massive platform are the culprits portraying this illusion of majority. Big Tech helps propel, promote, and make THEIR ideologies more VISIBLE by suppressing the actual majority views. This is why President Trump fills arenas and their parking lots at every single rally, and they don’t.

The Social Credit Score system known to most as “DHS watchlist” or FBI Face Services Profile is, in fact, your citizen score. If such information goes public it can potentially be used to bully, dox, isolate, and mandate submission with the “mass” ideology (or whatever the larger MSM platforms tell you is the accepted ideology). Pronouns, gender that is not based on sex, guns are evil, sovereignty is overrated, capitalism is evil, socialism is the best form of government and climate change is real, are all ideologies that the insane left is hoping to FORCE every American to comply with. They’ve even gone as far as to advocate that the United States mimic socialist Canada and implement criminal statutes to arrest people who don’t use appropriate pronouns. Insanity right?

It’s not the insane granola munchers that are collecting welfare as they ponder on the gender they will identify as for the week that we should be concerned about. It’s the government and their propaganda mouthpieces (aka the MSM) that we should be paying close attention to. They are the ones that advocate for social media banning, promotion of hate, doxxing children, and demand to be let back into a press pool when they clearly overstayed their welcome. As a matter of fact, I am still puzzled as to why Playboy needs to have a White House Press Pass … Bill Clinton hasn’t been president in almost 20 years.

Objectively, the case of Alex Jones is an incredible example of how dangerous such laws may be. Alex Jones has been on radio airwaves for over 20 years. Millions, if not billions of people around the world that are out-of-the-box thinkers, who love rabbit holes and alternate theories, adore him because he provokes thought. He’s the George Noory of politics, only more hyped. Alex Jones was literally UNPERSONED like George Orwell’s 1984 novel described, people that were shunned and eliminated from society. He was removed from every front end platform and all those associated with him also “shunned”. Simply sharing his content, videos, and in some cases name, can get you banned off platforms.

The same thing happened to Laura Loomer. She was banned for discovering the alleged crimes of Ilhan Omar that now, 2 years later, are being confirmed. The excuse for banning her and applauding such actions by social media, banks, and other consumer facing companies that deny her the right to enjoy services, claim she would make wild allegations because she loathes Sharia law. The wild allegations are actually being investigated and it’s becoming more apparent that Loomer was reporting FACTS. Having said that, what American would accept Sharia Law? I wouldn’t! Denouncing laws that take away the rights of people and demeaning women aren’t my cup of tea, and surely weren’t the cup of tea of our founding fathers.

DARPA , HARPA, and UNPERSONING all lead to a dystopian future. Why? Mental illness, psychological states, and psychiatric ailments are all in the eye of the beholder. What one person may consider conflict, another sees as a passionate discussion. What one person sees as abnormal, another considers normal. What one person sees as inappropriate, another deems appropriate. A great example of UNPERSONING in history and demonizing those that subscribe to different ideologies is the final years of Galileo’s life. Galileo was actually the inventor of the thermoscope, which was later revamped as the thermometer. Galileo was put under house arrest and considered crazy for promoting ideas that deviated from the accepted norms. He said the sun was the center of our galaxy and not the earth, so he was locked away because what he said was horrific and considered heresy. He died as a prisoner for speaking the truth which makes him a political prisoner.

It’s almost like the modern story of Laura Loomer making the claim that Ilhan Omar married her brother to commit immigration fraud and everyone considered that Islamophobia, rather than a valid criminal allegation. Same concept.

Williams has no felonies or misdemeanors, yet he is on a watch list and refused weapons?

The Second Amendment is second for a reason, it is there to protect the First Amendment.

Tore on Red State Talk Radio

The Social Credit Score, proposed citizen score, DARPA, HARPA, and FBI Face Services programs have all been created and are being promoted with one goal: to Make America Authoritarian Again!

The only reason a government would collect, compile and analyze data of their citizens to profile them is to ensure they are OBEDIENT. Obedience is not something a FREE PERSON subscribes to, but something you would expect from a slave. China has stated publicly that their SCS is to measure a citizen’s obedience.

A synonym for the word obedient is subservient. Some synonyms for the word subservient are: deferential, inferior, submissive, a slave to, abject, acquiescent, at one’s beck and call, at one’s mercy, and boot-licking to rattle off a few. None of the above words can be related to the word FREE, which stands for autonomy, independence, unenslaved, self-governing and sovereign, amongst others.

The words obedient (or any other such synonym) are nowhere to be found in our Bill of Rights. In fact, a social credit score doesn’t own up to the Fifth Amendment which offer protections to our “life, liberty, or property,” noting we cannot be deprived of any of them without due process of law. Is it lawful to conclude preemptively that one’s mental health may be a danger to others based on information collected without permission. (Cue Fourth, Fifth and Ninth Amendment?) Accepting Google Home, Amazon Echo, Siri and other home automation policies that allow them to use your information to improve their product, could potentially be used against you in a court of law. This also sounds illegal because the Fourth, Fifth and Ninth Amendment cover privacy, self incrimination, etc. Opt out of sharing data and they still collect or listen? That’s concerning, is it not?

The two minute clip below shows how a world with SCS is implemented. The woman in the scene was down ranked prior to arriving at the airport and her social score (based on a scale of 0-5) went from 4.2 to 4.1 so she was disallowed to board a flight.

Would something like this stand in the United States of America? It shouldn’t, but Obamacare was unconstitutional and was pushed through, so stranger things have happened. The Trump administration would never allow something like this to pass because President Trump supports the foundations of this nation. After all, President Trump is a builder and he knows that a house is only as solid as it’s foundations.

Entertaining the notion of creating exclusions, or adding provisions to our right to be afforded all rights granted to us by our Constitution is dangerous. If you would have said 20 years ago that we would be discussing socialist policies, limiting, and adding stipulations for the right to enjoyment of constitutional rights and challenging the concept that people are innately free, you would be laughed at. Yet, here we are in 2019, one breath away from being subjects – which is an alternative and more subtle word for slave. Who are we slaves to? Public servants. #Irony

Tore is a nationally syndicated talk radio host that airs live M-F 12-2PM EST on Red State Talk Radio and a contributor for LauraLoomer.US.

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