Fire Company Shut Down For Not Firing Alleged Proud Boy Activist

A Haverford, Pennsylvania volunteer fire company was shut down after local officials discovered one of the firefighters is a member of the Proud Boys, a conservative organization famous for its pushback against the violent tactics of Antifa, the militant leftist group that notoriously targets Trump supporters.

The township received an anonymous tip alleging one of the firefighters of the Bon Air Fire Company has ties to the Proud Boys, prompting the local officials to begin conducting an investigation on August 12.

During the investigation, the volunteer, who NBC10 identifies as Bruce McCLay, admitted his affiliation with the Proud Boys, noting he attended the group’s gatherings and passed two of the four steps in the initiation process, including hazing, but had disassociated himself with the group in recent months.

The township demanded the company terminate the firefighter for his ties to The Proud Boys, which advocates for “minimal government,” “maximum freedom,” “anti-racism,” “anti-political correctness,” “closed borders” and “venerating the housewife” on it’s website.

The firefighter subsequently resigned from the company on August 15, however, “the board of the fire company did not accept the resignation,” the letter states.

The Proud Boy member was not only a volunteer firefighter, according to CBS3, but also vice president of the company.

The company’s decision to defend the firefighter in question resulted in the Haverford Township taking action to “ensure that all persons are treated fairly and equally, and that all persons enjoy the full benefits of citizenship.”

After serving Haverford Township for than a century, Bon Air Fire Company was effectively closed Wednesday evening and will permanently remain shut down.

“Given the fire company board’s failure to act, the township is compelled to take action,” the statement said. “Effective by close of business Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019, the Bon Air Fire Company has been relieved of duty indefinitely.”

Haverford Township officials issued a statement announcing the Bon Air Fire Company, which was established in 1918, would be shut down after the company refused to terminate the conservative activist.  

“Firefighting gear now hangs neatly arranged inside, with the chief’s vehicle still parked in the garage. And though there were people inside the fire hall, no one wanted to speak,” CBS3 reports.

Residents in the community are displeased with the decision.

“There was a fire right here a few weeks ago. They just put it out,” one neighbor told CBS.

“It’s sad. A 100-year-old fire company is shutting down,” another said.

The establishment media regularly describe the Proud Boys as a “white supremacist” organization, citing the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center’s description of the Proud Boys as a “hate group.”  

“Volunteer firefighter’s ties to white supremacists forces Delco fire company to close,” KYW News Radio, blurted in its headline covering the fire company’s shut down.

However, Proud Boys are a racially diverse group. In fact, the current chairman of Proud Boys International, Enrique Tarrio, is Hispanic and was raised in a Cuban family in Little Havana in Miami.

“We’re not angry bunch. It’s actually a celebration of the west, is what we consider, we want to celebrate what our founding fathers have built, but before anything, we want to celebrate it,” Tarrio explained in an interview with Heavy. “ We live in the best country on earth, it’s not perfect, it’s far from perfect… our prison system is all fucked up. Our immigration system is all fucked up. We just want to fix it… I feel like we have been demonized for doing that. I don’t have social media because of [the demonization]. I had to make an alt-Facebook account just to talk to my family.”

“Some of our guys do have to hide their membership and they’re really not political they just come to drink beer,” he continued. “They have regular jobs but Antifa’s like, ‘Oh, this guy’s a Proud Boy, he must be a Nazi.’ That’s it. They go ahead and they make a PR nightmare for example, that guy who works for Comcast. He got fired from his job… [Members] have to keep quiet. They shouldn’t have to keep it quiet.”

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