California: LYFT Jobs And Free Rides For Illegal Immigrants May Stop Due To Legislation

A couple of months ago a Lyft driver found himself in the crosshairs of a human trafficking operation. A teenager by the name of Jose Vigil was promised $250 per illegal migrant he got past Border Patrol and the police at the border. The teen had no car so he ordered himself a Lyft.

The Lyft driver took the teen to pick up his “cousins” who were soaking wet from the waist down to then resume their trip to their destination. The Lyft driver’s missing front plate got the attention of the Sullivan Police and the illegal migrants were arrested. The driver was let off, but was that the right thing to do? He knew they were not his cousins and he knew what he was doing was illegal. The driver should have been charged for aiding and abetting human trafficking.

In San Antonio, Lyft and Uber are not allowed to operate due to their city ordinances. Lyft was actually sent a cease and desist letter even though they were offering FREE RIDES. Nevertheless, they lack the city-issued chauffeur’s license and can be fined up to $500.

The majority of the free rides are given to illegal migrants that are evading the law or are headed to other cities in Texas that have Lyft services. I think Lyft pays for these free rides to illegals. I asked the driver how Lyft knows if they are really illegal or not and he said they don’t.

Mark A. resident of San Antonio

It is a well established fact that both UBER and LYFT donate millions to the ACLU to help protect their illegal migrant drivers and donate in the way of free rides – more to transporting illegal migrants.

The question here is: Are these free rides tax deductible? In order to find out, we reached out to the IRS and what they told us proves the complimentary rides are probably a form of tax evasion.

To be able to write off actions such as donating trips or goods the goods have to be charged to a charity. An organization cannot say ‘Oh I donated this much to free rides and paid my drivers for it’. It has to be charged to a charity. I am sure that they have a charity they are using to justify these expenditures because if they are not then this is considered tax evasion or fraudulently filing taxes.

IRS Agent – Fraud Hotline

The resistance group on Facebook that houses Antifa leaders and members of groups that coach migrants seeking asylum posted a supporting message for Lyft on Tuesday August 20, 2019.

Who is really funding these rides and how are the rides in border cities being monitored? A former Lyft driver from a border city in Texas tells us:

I reported a ride I was called on. The woman asked me to pick her up and then swing by and pick up her friends. Her friends had just crossed the border. When they entered the vehicle I told her I did not feel comfortable driving around with them and was calling the police. She immediately began screaming and calling me racist. I explained to her I did not want to take part in human trafficking. They ran out of the car with the woman and left. I was deactivated as a driver the next day for not having my license submitted as a chauffeur, which the deadline was not for another week. I knew it was because I refused the ride but I am fine with that. I didn’t file a lawsuit because that would put a target on my back in my border city and I have kids and a family. Besides I got a job with Border Patrol now.

Border City Resident – EX-Lyft Driver

Not only is Lyft aiding and abetting illegal aliens but they also may be operating in the human trafficking movement as well. If there is evidence that their drivers are actively trafficking illegal aliens into our nation they should be stripped of any federal tax money they receive which includes and is not limited to tax relief, tax returns and deductions they may enjoy.

Recently, both Uber and Lyft have initiated a petition in the state of California on the heels of a bill currently being heard by the California state senate that would force them to classify their drivers as employees and not contractors. The California bill Assembly Bill 5, would devastate their business model and make their services more costly and shift more responsibility for services to the companies. This bill will also increase costs associated with employees and logistically would increase cost across the board. Notably, this bill would set precedent for other states to follow suit and eventually require them to comply with e-verify, making it difficult to hire illegal immigrants too.

To classify someone as an independent contractor, the court said, businesses must show that the worker is free from the control and direction of the employer; performs work that is outside the hirer’s core business; and customarily engages in “an independently established trade, occupation or business. – Supreme Court of California “ABC TEST”

If AB5 were to pass ride-share drivers would not fully satisfy the ABC test that determines if a person is classified as a contractor or employee. This means that along with costs a shift in RESPONSIBILITY of actions while “working” will shift majority to the companies. Thus, if a driver smuggles illegal migrants across the border, and if classified as an employee, then their actions have impact in responsibility to the company that employs them too. In essence, contractors maintain independence and bear all – if not most – of the responsibility of their actions when conducting activities while working for the company they contract for.

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