Ghislaine Maxwell Wrote For HuffPost For A Year And No One Noticed

Ghislaine Maxwell, British socialite and close friend of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, authored four stories for HuffPost between 2014 and 2015 all dealing with climate change, and ocean conservation.

In 2008 Epstein was required to register as a sex offender after pleading guilty to what’s been called a “sweetheart deal,” with only one felony charge of solicitation of prostitution involving a minor. Was HuffPost aware of the connection between Maxwell and Epstein when they hosted Maxwell’s work?

Her first article for HuffPost was originally published on June 19th, 2014 and was titled “Tide is Turning for Ocean Conservation”. The article was last updated December 6th, 2017.

Three more articles followed:

“When the Oceans Failed” originally ran on Medium on July 27th, 2015.

Each article stresses the Democrat agenda and drives home just how important it is to “support climate change initiatives,” and to no longer be a “climate change denier”.

Maxwell’s author bio on HuffPost reads:

Ghislaine Maxwell is founder and director of The TerraMar Project, an ocean conservation nonprofit. She holds a BA-MA from Oxford University, and is a helicopter and deep worker submersible pilot, and a certified EMT.

The website for The TerraMar Project opens up to the following message:


The TerraMar Project is sad to announce that it will cease all operations. The web site will be closed. TerraMar’s mission has always been to connect ocean lovers to positive actions, highlight science, and bring conscious change to how to people from across the globe can live, work and enjoy the ocean.

TerraMar wants to thank all its supporters, partners and fellow ocean lovers

Thank you

The TerraMar Team

In addition to the foregoing articles, Maxwell’s MUCKRACK profile shows 6 total articles linked to her, one of which opens to “social-encyclopedia” Alchetron. The article describes Maxwell as a “deep sea diver, submersible pilot, helicopter pilot, emergency medical technician (EMT), and is an advocate for the ocean regarding climate change, ocean acidification and overfishing.”

“Her private passions have been devoted to “cleaning up the seas.” Once an aspiring marine biologist, Maxwell went on in her adult life to earn licenses to pilot submarines, helicopters, ROVs and AUVs – which she described in interviews as “remote and tethered vehicles off the back of boats for doing underwater exploration,” Fox News recently reported.

Maxwell, one time girlfriend and alleged madam to Jeffrey Epstein, instructed young girls on how to pleasure Epstein and other high-profile clients sexually by demonstrating with her own hands, according to complaints filed in Manhattan federal court in 2006.

Apart from physically demonstrating the sex acts using her hands, Maxwell once taught “the proper way” to perform oral sex to one of Epstein’s accusers, according to NYPost.

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