Questions Remain Concerning Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Death: Suicide, Murder Or Intercept?

According to exclusive sources and interviews there is speculation if the deceased person that was wheeled into the hospital was that of Jeffery Epstein. This would give merit to the speculation and anatomical analysis coming from all ends of the internet but there is evidence that indicates foul play in his death too.

One of our exclusive sources who works at the Manhattan Correctional Center (MCC), and whom wishes to remain anonymous tells us that Jeffrey Epstein was removed from his cell at exactly 4:17 am and handcuffed to a wheelchair. It was right after the guards made their usual rounds, with the source adding that the cameras were disrupted after 4:16 am.

When they rolled him out he was in his pickle suit alive and well.

Confidential Source at MCC

A pickle suit is a specific piece of clothing which is worn by patients and inmates who are considered by staff to be a danger to themselves. It is green in color and will rip when tension is exerted on it.

According to our source, at about 4:30 am a person that looked similar to Epstein’s build – but slouched over in a wheelchair and surrounded by warming blankets – was wheeled in from the same vehicle he was transported to. The man was clothed in orange pants and top which were not the attire Jeffrey Epstein was authorized to wear OR consistent with inmate clothing at MCC.

The only time an inmate will have striped, orange or different colored attire is when they are transferred from another prison or jail, or because they have court. It is protocol that before inmates are checked in, intake will give them the MCC attire and continue to process them in, but this didn’t happen in the case of inmate Epstein.

Most Recent “El Chapo” interview

During the 6:15 am rounds, the correctional officer entered Epstein’s room to wake him up for breakfast. Epstein was found unresponsive and subsequently pronounced dead which was confirmed by Emergency Services upon their arrival.

Three interviews were conducted over secured communications.

Interview with MCC Employee

  • Q: How was he when they arrived? Were the blankets described present and was he hot or cold? A: No one reported seeing the heating blankets in the room or any other clothing. He was stiff and very cold. Even chest compressions were stopped after a few seconds. He was as dead as can be.
  • Q: Didn’t the 0430 and every 15 min Correctional Guard inspection until 0615 notice that he wasn’t wearing the suicide prevention suit but still had the suicide prevention bedding? That’s 8 Correctional Guard inspections. A: I don’t know. The guards are being interviewed. Sometimes on late rounds they won’t flap up and shine the light. What I do know is that no one knows why he was wearing orange.
  • Q: Were license plates of the vehicle that allegedly took Jeffrey Epstein or a name taken of the driver of the vehicle that arrived to collect Epstein? A: Not this time. In some circumstances we don’t document when certain documentation is shown from people like SDNY, or feds, especially if there is a clearance form from the warden too.
  • Q: Are you saying they swapped Epstein? A: No I am just telling you what we saw.
  • Q: When someone is dead and removed from the facility how are they transported? A: A nurse will accompany the inmate dead or alive at all times until released to the custody of the hospital. If the patient is dead then they are bagged and taken to the nearest hospital for an autopsy.
  • Q: What’s going on at the MCC now? Any internal investigations or anything? A: I don’t want to answer that, but let’s just say everyone isn’t going home and we have a lot of suits.
  • Q: Anything else that seemed off or odd last night? A: I heard they were rotating people off units for maintenance and only warden favorites remained. I also heard that the chief Psychologist had signed off on Epstein being taken off suicide watch. This is just stuff I heard.

I also heard that the chief Psychologist had signed off on Epstein being taken off suicide watch. This is just stuff I heard.

MCC Employee

Interview with Presbyterian Hospital Employee One

According to Employee One the individual brought in was not seen by any doctors or nurses of the hospital and none of the individual’s identifying information or medical data was entered into the hospital’s EMR (Electronic Medical Records).

According to this source, the hospital was advised that Federal authorities would be taking possession of the body that was dead on arrival. The room the body was taken into was heavily armed and guarded to prevent any unauthorized staff.

  • Q: Did a Nurse accompany Epstein from the MCC? A: No
  • Q: Who accompanied his body? Was he intubated? The picture shows people ventilating the patient. A: People that were from FDNY EMS and Federal Agents. He looked like he’d been dead for a long time so we have no idea why they were ventilating.
  • Q: How was the room assigned? Did the doctors of your ER pronounce him dead? A: At about 0630 after most of us arrived for our am shifts we had already received a call from federal authorities and federal agents were already in the building shortly after. They cleared a room they selected, swept it for bugs, removed all digital equipment and kept it sealed until the patient arrived. No personnel was allowed in there.
  • Q: All equipment? Did they leave the Vitals Machine? A: No, even that was removed. We found that odd too.
  • Q: Was the patient Jeffrey Epstein? A: I don’t know. From a distance it looked like him. He was wearing an orange jumpsuit which was different from the clothing he wore when he came to the hospital earlier this week marked as an individual at risk to himself.
  • Q: When did he come to the hospital this week? A: I think it was Wednesday. I am unable to verify because I will be flagged by the EMR.

Interview with Presbyterian Hospital Employee Two

  • Q: Was the patient who arrived Jeffrey Epstein? A: I don’t know. Maybe
  • Q: Was he intubated ? The picture shows people ventilating the patient. A: EMS, Federal Agents and a lot of suits. Everyone trailing behind from other cars were on a phone.
  • Q: What were you told was the ailment of the patient? A: Our EMS coordinator told us there was a cardiac arrest call that would be routed here when they leave from MCC.
  • Q: Was he dead on arrival or did the doctors of your ER pronounce him dead? A: He was dead. He looked like he was a cadaver. His face thick, pooling of blood in his back which means he died lying down and stiff. None of our doctors or nurses tended to the patient.
  • Q: Did you go to the room he was in? A: No. Nobody was allowed in unless authorized. There were armed people that had cleared a perimeter. The only people who entered were two FBI agents and a federal Medical Examiner.
  • Q: Was there Press there? A: No. We were shocked that no one came or tried to sneak in like they usually do. We had security and agents outside but no one even tried. That was really weird.
  • Q: Is there something you observed that was odd or not normal? A: Yes. A federal agent was with someone from our IT having him load a lot of data onto USB drives.

We tried to confirm information from our sources but the hospital was reluctant to respond to our questions. Their response was “It’s an ongoing investigation therefore we cannot disclose any information”.

He was dead. He looked like he was a cadaver. His face thick, pooling of blood in his back which means he died lying down and stiff.

-Employee Two, Presbyterian Hospital

Picture taken today outside of Epstein’s NYC mansion



The most important question of all that allows for validated speculation is why was Epstein in an ORANGE jumpsuit?

Let’s assume that indeed he was off suicide watch. Let’s assume that he was given sheets and shoelaces. Let’s also assume that the cameras coincidentally malfunctioned when he died. The orange jumpsuit is not explained. His “picture” being rolled into the hospital indicates he was wearing pants and a top that was rolled up? (Usually they cut the shirt with scissors)

There is no logical explanation as to why he was wearing an ORANGE jumpsuit. MCC has TAN clothing for inmates only.


Postmortem a person’s skin changes include livor mortis, marbling, Tardieu spots and vibices. Livor mortis of a hanging victim is usually a blue purple coloring of the skin in the lower parts of the body and upper extremities due to gravitation of blood AFTER death. The lividity observed, (coloring of skin due to gravity) its location and color, provide clues to estimate the time and cause of death.

When a person dies by hanging, their extremities are pooled with blood due to gravity. In the picture you can clearly see the patient’s hands are “DEAD YELLOW” like a cadaver. The patient’s fingers are curled up unlike the fingers of hanging victims which have extended extremities and fingers from twitching. Though the most telling indicator is that the head in the photo is red.

Color Hue (lividity) is important because it is dependent on the amount of hemoglobin present in the blood.

  • Blue/Purple: Normal Lividity
  • Pale Pink: Anemia, severe hemorrhage / blood loss
  • Dark Brown: Poisoning by phosphorus
  • Green/Red: Body is decaying so there is a presence of Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Brown / Red: Methemoglobin forming substance poisoning. Water with nitrites that reduce ability of red blood to transport oxygen.
  • Cherry Red: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Red: Cyanide Poisoning

His death raises a lot of questions and it’s under a murky veil of secrecy.

Interestingly enough almost instantly when the news broke President Trump’s attorney tweeted (but later deleted) :


The question is, did all the cameras throughout the whole MCC malfunction or just his floor? MCC is one of the most highly surveilled correctional facilities. Andrew Laufer, a Civil Rights Attorney that has represented inmates from the facility had described MCC in an interview as a place with no privacy anywhere.

The lights in 10 South are left on 24 hours per day, according to several former residents. There is a window flap in each cell door, which only the guards can open. The cells are about 17 feet by 8 feet, with two cameras fixed on each cell at every moment. Defense attorneys said there were only about six or seven cells on the unit.

Andrew Laufer Civil Rights Attorney

The statement by Attorney General William Barr resonates disappointment and surprise calling for a thorough investigation. AG Barr’s statement lets all those that may be directly or indirectly responsible for the death of Epstein know they will be found out. Curiously, unconfirmed sources tell us that AG Barr may have visited the MCC earlier in the week prior to Epstein’s alleged suicide.


Remarkably, the US Attorneys of SDNY seemed less than appalled at the event of his death nor questioned how Epstein died in Federal custody. Instead they were “concerned” for the victims that may be deprived of justice.


Rod Rosenstein took another route. He found a way to justify this suicide by citing statistics of persons facing federal charges being high risk for suicide pointing out how pedophiles are a potential danger to themselves. Indeed, persons facing federal criminal charges are at a high risk for suicide, but when they are under suicide watch, in a facility like the MCC that has two cameras in every room and cameras throughout the facility there is NO EXCUSE for it to occur – EVER.

The MSM (Mainstream Media) reported only a few weeks ago that Epstein attempted to commit suicide. Epstein was telling authorities that someone tried to kill him according to various sources. Even the attorney for several of Epstein’s victims was doubtful Epstein would survive until his trial date and commented on his attempted “suicide”:

I question whether or not it was a true suicide attempt that Mr Epstein was involved in in jail or whether or not there may be some powerful people who just don’t want him to talk. I mean how do you choke yourself? It doesn’t make any sense.

Spencer Kurvin

Immediately after the self-chocking incident Epstein was classified as a risk to self inmate and on “suicide watch”.

Since MCC’s inception decades ago, it has been on the receiving end of many complaints by inmates claiming atrocious living conditions, lack of privacy, abusive behavior, demeaning treatment, and numerous alleged cover ups. These lawsuits consistently describe the facility as a digital surveilled fort.

You have someone who’s beaten to death in MCC, and there are cameras everywhere. There’s not an inch of that facility that is not surveilled.

Andrew Laufer Civil Rights Attorney

Did Epstein really commit suicide? Was he “suicided”, aka murdered? Did our Justice Department find out about a plot to kill him and intervene by staging his death and making those that plotted his murder believe he is dead? No one knows…yet, but all three scenarios are plausible.

The consensus on the internet overwhelmingly believes that Epstein is the latest name added to the Clinton Body Count. #EpsteinMurdered and #ClintonBodyCount were trending on twitter with 996K tweets and 730K tweets respectively. What does that tell us? It tells us it is time to investigate the Clintons once and for all.

Guess Conspiracy Theorists have constantly been right lately.

Though, if murder did really occur, who would have motive? There were many high rolling players that are and were to be implicated in the Epstein Cases to come including the Royals.

In this article and again in this one, names in the Tech Industry, Professors of Harvard, Foreign Dignitaries and big names like Rupert Murdoch of Fox are pictured and named at exclusive Epstein parties and the infamous Lolita Express.

EXCLUSIVE: Epstein Flights, Photos,Who Fought Case Unseal & Mar-a-Lago Ban
Wexner Primed Young Girls for the Epsteins & Weinsteins of the World Through Retail

Evidently, there are many powerful people around the world that needed Epstein silenced. Some much richer and classier than the Clintons. Big Tech Honchos that can remove us from the worldwide cyber community with a click of a button, royalty, retail magnates, media mongols and foreign dignitaries that may have pooled their insane pocket change to influence and sway the likes of guards, police, even DiBlasio (he’s hard up for money – he thinks he’s running for POTUS), wardens and members of Congress and Senate.

Sources tell us that Adam Schiff is uncomfortable. Doesn’t he have a massage school place in Thailand that he owns or is connected to? I think it’s called Liddle Kidz, where they go to orphanages and teach people how to massage children. Didn’t Virginia Roberts go to Thailand to learn massage somewhere?

Royals are sweating this weekend so much that Jack Dorsey of Twitter is putting disclosures before you can see the trending Pedo Prince Andrew information. Sounds like censorship!

Whatever happened to Jeffrey Epstein, we will get all video, audio and docs that become available since he is dead thanks to the Executive Order our President signed on December 21, 2017.

Epstein may heave committed suicide, assisted suicide, murdered, or been covertly stashed away. Regardless, this is about to get very interesting. Just enjoy the show.

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