Tommy Lee Hate Tweet Trending On Twitter And It’s Not Even Original Content

Earlier today Tommy Lee tweeted content that he passed off as his own. In reality it belonged to a Reddit user “copypasta” who posted over a year ago on Reddit.

Within less than an hour Tommy Lee’s “plagiarized” tweet began trending on twitter.

Here is the original POST from over a year ago on Reddit.

The message Tommy Lee’s tweet conveys is one of hate, revenge and everything that nightmares are made of. The tweet describes how the angry democrats will put baby killing outlets on every corner and other vile things when they take back the White House. This hateful manifesto also makes mention of replacing historical statutes and monuments with statues depicting and honoring BLM leaders.

Charles Wade, BLM (Black Lives Matter) founder was arrested for human trafficking in May of 2016. Charles Wade, was also the co-founder of Operation Help or Hush, was arrested last month and charged with human trafficking and prostitution. The leftist standards and the type of people they admire are a cause for concern. Though we would expect no less from Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee is definitely not a role model . He’s a wife beater, participated and boasted about gang raping Nikki Sixx, child abuser (kicking his own son Dylan) and even gave Pamela Anderson STDs and Hepatitis C. Lee can now add “plagiarizer” to his list of attributes.

When strung out Jimmy Stafford wasalerted to the fact that Tommy Lee didn’t compose the trending manifesto tweethe comes to his rescue pointing out quotations.


The left is praising Tommy Lee for the hateful tweet with the “plagiarized” manifesto they assume he composed with equally bitter statements. As expected, Twitter is once again promoting hate by allowing a tweet that glorifies passive violence and expresses aggression towards conservatives exist on their platform. #StopTheBias

Tommy Lee’s hate tweet is trending while a mass wave of suspensions of conservative accounts occurred in the past 48 hrs. Some of these suspensions of conservative account holders are a result of tweets they claim violate their terms of service.

Twitter TOS


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