NBC Universal Refuses To Cancel Release Film Featuring Liberals Hunting ‘Deplorables’

NBC Universal is slated to release the movie “The Hunt” on September 27, despite wide spread objections over the film’s depiction of wealthy vacationers hunting “deplorables” for sport.

Liberal, thrill-seeking elites take a private jet to a five star resort in the film, where they engulf on a “deeply rewarding” hunt in Republican states.  

The “violent, R-rated film from producer Jason Blum’s Blumhouse follows a dozen MAGA types who wake up in a clearing and realize they are being stalked for sport by elite liberals,” The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Characters in the movie call the murder victims “deplorables,” referencing the label failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters during her 2016 presidential campaign.

A character reportedly asks in the film, “Did anyone see what our ratf–ker-in-chief just did?”

The movie was originally titled, “Red State Vs. Blue State.”

Conservatives contend the movie is “politically violent” and a “sick murder fantasy about right wingers. But NBC Universal is ignoring massive backlash to the movie’s plot.

“There are no plans to not release the movie. No plans to move the release,” a studio sources told Fox News.

The movies marketing campaign will, however, be “temporarily paused” amid the tragic massacres in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

A Universal executive reportedly told Fox News that the film “is meant to show what a stupid, crazy world we live in. It might even be more powerful now.”

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9 thoughts on “NBC Universal Refuses To Cancel Release Film Featuring Liberals Hunting ‘Deplorables’

  1. The film-makers are entitled to freedom of speech and we “deplorables” are free to boycott it and not watch it. If it ever comes out of DVD and I can rent it for FREE from my local library, then I will see it. But I generally don’t watch movies that are violent. Long before this movie hit the theatres. It’s fiction anyway because elite liberals, except for their armed guards, are not supportive of guns in the hands of non-military or non-LEO’s. Therefore, they are unlikely to be hunting, whether it’s human or other animals. OTOH, most deplorables have gun-permits as well as concealed carry where appropriate and they would not go down without a fight. This may be a “satire” but I kind of think it’s a progressive elitists’ “wet dream”.

  2. Just wondering, has anyone considered a lawsuit against any and all parties who wish to continue pushing this film out regardless of all the turmoil to be invoked? My Wife is terrified, my family is shaken. This is an attack that supersedes many of the lowest and coldest publicly attempted (and perhaps without consequence.) So calculating perpetrated (with blatant hatred) not just against a POTUS and party but something deviant and racist that will surely incite violence towards normal and hard working middle class families and most likely any white person alone on a street. In N.Y. people were demeaning policemen with absolutely no regard, how do you think an non-authoritative figure will be treated? They will not have a chance, the blood will be on your hands too…

  3. I am ready and waiting for these punks to attack! I support my country and the POTUS. Not in fear of standing up to political bullies, send them to me, i will give the reporters some real jaw dropping news and wake up this country.

  4. I wonder how the Producer, Director, Actors, etc, as well as the liberal media would react to a free speech discussion of how we should hunt down the participants of this film as well as any movie-goers who see this picture, and murder them. I’m guessing they wouldn’t like it too much. But isn’t it our right to free speech to discuss it?

  5. The film may backfire on them. It will show how deplorable the left is, not the right. The HUNTERS are democrats….killing republicans……cant wait for them to release it. No matter how bad they paint the republicans, nobody in their right mind will approve of mass murder….and liberals will look really bad.

  6. I remember a movie similar on the USA Channel. Ice Tea was hunted. Hope is the same ending. The hunters lose.

  7. Soon enough we’ll all see how useless and quaintly anachronistic the terms “Liberal” and “Conservative” are. No one is either,anymore.There are A******s and the people who call them out on their Assholedom.

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