Leftist Activist Tweets About Desire To Burn Tucker Carlson Alive, Gets to Keep His Account While Conservatives Get Banned

Tim Hannan wants to light Tucker Carlson on fire.

Wednesday night a leftist activist “joked” to his 26,000 Twitter followers about burning Fox News host Tucker Carlson alive.

“#FireTuckerCarlson – Literally light him on fire,” Tim Hannan said in a now-deleted Tweet.

Hannan describes himself as an “Average citizen turned activist” in his Twitter biography. The New Yorker deleted the Tweet, saying it was a joke, but still called for Carlson to be assaulted.

“For the record I hope no one hurts Tucker, this was a joke. Maybe a milkshake filled with piss, though,” he said.

Someone needs to tell these “activists” that there is a stark difference between activism and political violence.

Hannan has been on defense, though, since the Twitter mob came after him. As it turns out, the ones who talk the toughest game are actually pretty weak.

“I feel defeated I deleted the Tucker tweet. Just too many people trying to paint it to be something it’s not. Most of those people defend a man who just inspired a massacre. I don’t want anyone to physically attack any of those scumbags. They’ll just be turned into martyrs,” he said Thursday morning.

Hannan’s “joke” came on the same day that a Hollywood film called The Hunt pulled its ads off of television. The film, set for release in September, centers around elite liberals hunting Trump supporters for sport. News also broke nationally Wednesday that someone posted flyers on Long Island calling for Trump supporters to be sent to “death camps.”

Meanwhile, the mainstream press continues to order Trump to tone down his “divisive” rhetoric.

Maybe the Left needs to take a look in the mirror.


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