‘Death Camps for Trump Supporters Now!!!’ Flyers Posted In New York

Flyers emblazoned with the caption “Death Camp For Trump Supporters Now!!!” have been seen posted across the streets and parking meters in Patchogue, New York.

The flyers featuring President Trump, depicting his face as skeleton.

Photos of the flyers were taken by a member of Shock Theater collective, a group that conducts haunted house tours around the city.

The company posted the images social media, but said it was not responsible for creating or posting the flyers.

The images of flyers calling for the death of Trump supporters surfaced days after so-called social justice warriors surrounded Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s house chanting death threats.

Echoing Democratic lawmakers and the
establishment media, the protesters claimed McConnell, Republicans and Donald Trump are to blame for last week’s mass shootings, in which two mentally-ill leftist massacred 29 people and injured at least 25 more.

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21 thoughts on “‘Death Camps for Trump Supporters Now!!!’ Flyers Posted In New York

    1. Need to see you post on gab.com more. You’ve got to be somewhere we can get back to you in real time. Challenge us all to leave Twitter. It can happen. Its time for us all to leave that s**t now.

  1. These idiots are calling for more violence. There will be blood on the streets and we have only Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Washington Post and all other liberal outlets to blame. This needs to be shutdown NOW!

  2. Who is the hollywood f******d thats making this violent movie? They have some nerve saying Trumps rhetoric is dangerous but look st the lowlife POS that poisted these evil pictures of violence! To h**l with these animalks if they think we will just sit bvack and let these u**y inhuman nut cases buly us into not voting for who we want! WE WILL LOCK AND LOAD PUTTINGBA WELL DESERVED BULLIT IN THEIR SKULL! They need to find the lowlifes who posted this and line them up in a firing squad!

  3. bil diblasio supports this maladaptive and criminal behavior and the secret service and the fbi will continue to enforce laws to allow the radical communist left continue with threats and acts of violence

  4. Told you we have to remove these leftist democratics socialist communist muslums atheist from or Government Schools 1-12 colleges we have to do it or this country will be gone like those mentioned above have been try to do Sense obama the Treasonist got away with all the law breaking Constitutional ignoring he was the one who should have been impeached within his first 3 mo. In office and his whole administration as well Told Trump get rid of any and all that worked for or with clinton, obama but he won’t listen told him to prosecute hillary and obama holder but he won’t listen there is so much proof of their Treason no excuses to let them of the hook

  5. People of color have bought into the narrative that white people need to be exterminated as the most evil factor in the world. This, of course, totally ignores that the greatest civilizations in the modern world have been built primarily by educated and motivate white people. America, for example, has become the Salvation Army of the world as well as the Earth’s ‘police’ force, trying to prevent the growth of failed and dangerous ideologies like socialism, communism, and totalitarianism. People of color completely ignore that their countries are often failures. Although there is corruption in American politics and government, it is no match for the level of corruption in “third world” countries. The lack of moral values in non-white countries invites corruption by those bent on power and control over the country. It is lack of intelligence and flawed deductive reasoning that focuses on white people as the enemy, when the accusers are their own worst enemy. When white people begin to be assaulted and killed in America, and the time for militia response occurs, a civil war will be won not just by white Americans, but by patriots of all colors who agree with the ideology of the United States. A minority of radical Left will NOT succeed in destroying America as a capitalist democracy. It is a suicide mission.

  6. Well we wondered if the brown shirts or is black masked left BML would finally start regular attacks and it seems close. – All you have to do is hate white people, want communist control, have some documented mental illness. be willing to hurt or even k**l Americans, and you are qualified to join. You can google, a ally by the way, Portland Chapter of hate and they will help you join. But be advised, if in time the LE can not stop you and attacks are frequent there will be those who fight back.

  7. This is terrifying, everyone needs to take this seriously. Because entire hostile takeovers occur based on taking death threats lightly. This has ANTIFA fingerprints all over it.

  8. I’d like to see these leftist terrorist come and chant death threats to me! HAHAHAHAHAHA! They are such pansies they would most likely just P**s thier pants because I’d show them what it’s like to cross into the Danger Zone!
    This just proves that the idiots are the ones full of hate!

  9. These punks, think this is a game ? The tolerant , good people won’t be tolerant forever. If you keep threatening folks,……….a breaking point occurs. A natural survival instinct, kicks in. The punks need to know,………patriots…………..don’t …………play. We win. American did not become great from PUNKS, it is great because of PATRIOTS. God Bless America.

  10. I would like to know who is going to defend us. Daily, and I mean daily I read about another democrat threat, another hate from another leftist, another name-calling of Trump and his supporters, I have NEVER-EVER been racist in my life and yet persons feel free to call me as such and other hateful vile names just because I support this President. I have a DAUGHTER THAT WILL NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN BECAUSE i VOTED FOR HIM. i HAVE NEVER BEEN AGAINST THE gay COMMUNITY, i AM PRO-FEMALE, BUT i AM PRO-GUN RIGHTS AS WELL. wHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO STOP THE MEDIA FROM THE PROPAGANDA, WHEN WILL A gop PERSON SPEAK OUT BESIDES MAYBE rAND pAUL AND mCcONNELL, EVEN tED cRUZ HAS BARELY SAID ANYTHING, WHERE IS MY sENATOR Toomey, where are my protections under the law, when are evil doers going to get punished, why am I afraid to wear MAGA swag, why am I frightened to say anything at my job to my co-workers, to my doctors, so folks on the street. I can;t even have a trump sticker on my car or it is attacked (yes it has been) yet I see Bernie stickers pristine, people wearing socialist tee shirts, bernie, warren etc and they are untouched unharmed I see feel the burn and no one attacks them, why, when can I have my rights and yet I am called a supremacists, white privilege, and yet that is something I never ever had, when will I get a defense?????’

  11. These people are the ones who never got their trophy for participating in the sixth grade kickball playoffs, they didn’t win, or lose, or even play, they were there and told there are no losers, only winners and sadly they believe this still. Another group that can hit the road are congresswoman A.O.Cortez and her three pals collectively known as “the squat”, who are so un-American and flaunt it proudly it is hard to believe Congress doesn’t censor their radical rhetoric.

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