Muslim Former CNN Pundit Calls to ‘Eradicate’ Kellyanne Conway on Twitter

So far, Reza Aslan has not faced action from Twitter.

A Muslim and former contributor at CNN called to “eradicate” Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump Kellyanne Conway on Twitter Saturday, promoting violence against her.

“You are ‘the depraved evil’ we need to eradicate,” Reza Aslan said in response to a Tweet from Conway who was condemning recent acts of violence.

This Tweet clearly violates Twitter’s Terms of Service, which disallow abuse/harassment, but so far, the company has not taken any action.

“You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. This includes wishing or hoping that someone experiences physical harm,” Twitters terms say.

This is not the first time Aslan has called for violence on the platform. In the wake of the Covington Catholic scandal, in which the news media painted a teenager as a racist for smirking at a Native American man, despite the fact that the Native American man clearly instigated the confrontation, Aslan encouraged violence against the teenager at the center of the controversy.

“Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” Aslan asked, sharing the out-of-context photo that sparked the controversy.

Both of the Tweets are still live on Aslan’s account, and Twitter has taken no action against him.

Meanwhile, right wing pundits have been completely banned from the site for far less, including Laura Loomer, who was labeled an anti-Muslim bigot and nuked from Twitter after calling Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) “anti-Jewish.”

Loomer is currently suing the tech giant, as well as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) over her ban.

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9 thoughts on “Muslim Former CNN Pundit Calls to ‘Eradicate’ Kellyanne Conway on Twitter

  1. Why isn’t the person banned from this social media site for inviting violence against Kelly Ann Conway. If it was the opposite you would banned her.

  2. The government went against the law and allowed these vile muslums in our country, and the criminals from other countries it is time that we demand these disgusting Un-American people be removed with their families because these corrupt leftist socialist communist Allowed this garbage its up to them to Immediately remove them and their families, this is why this country is in such a mess with allowing such vile garbage in this country Revoke anyone Citizenship Deport and make sure the law that was passed years ago is Upheld it was done for this reason look at the destructive garbage they have done to this country start with this a*s and his family citizenships Revoked Deported Immediately

  3. Do you expect anything different from a stinking moslem(sic) They are all animals and are requires by their filthy koran an sick sheria law to k**l or enslave and work to death every non moslem on the planet. That includes you and your family, Homes. It’s us or them. There can be no peaceful coexistence.

  4. Well that Muslim CNN prick should be shot in the brain from far off high rise! You m************s think you can push everyone around, well your not the only ones that can hit someone! What you are doing is instigating CWII

  5. Send him back! Lol
    This Terrorist gives good Muslims a bad name,
    Asslan needs to be eradicated if anyone does!

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