Muslim Woman In Burka Melts Down At Gay Pride Parade: ‘Shame On You, You Despicable People’

A Muslim woman dressed in a full Islamic veil is seen shouting down members at a gay pride parade in footage posted on social media on Saturday.

“Shame on you!” the woman yelled in an angry, homophobic tirade during a Waltham Forest Pride event.

“Shame on all of you,” she continued shouting at another person wearing a rainbow flag.

“Shame on you, you despicable people,” she decried. “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

A leftist shot back at the Muslim woman as she condemned homosexuality, claiming conservatives similarly discriminate against Muslims.

“That’s what the racists and fascists say about you,” the man retorted.

While the woman, dressed in full Islamic garb – a black veil and black-rimmed glasses – verbally attacks the gay man, a man who appears to be working security at the event is seen fending off the gay man as if he was the aggressors.

The Metropolitan Police are calling for witnesses of the incident to come forward, the Independent reports.

 “We are aware of footage circulating on social media of abuse directed at those taking part in the Waltham Forest Pride event and inquiries are taking place,” a spokesperson added. “Abusing someone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity is a hate crime and we would encourage victims and those who were there when this took place to come forward.”

The skirmish during the pride parade comes amid protests by hundreds of Muslim parents and their children protested the incorporation of LGBTQ education in public schools.

According to a 2016 Channel 4 survey on attitudes of British Muslims, more than 50 percent of respondents said they don’t believe homosexuality should be legal in Britain, while 47 percent of respondents said that it’s not acceptable for a teacher to be gay.

Across the Arab world, gays have been arrested and sentenced to prison on charges linked to “debauchery” and face the death penalty in Iran and Saudi Arabia. 

The Islamic holy book, the Koran, states men who engage in homosexuality should be punished.

According to ISIS’ interpretation of Islam, gays should be thrown from a high building then stoned if they are not dead when they hit the ground.

The group reportedly bases this punishment on one account in the Koran in which the Prophet Muhammad reportedly said gays “should be thrown from tremendous height then stoned.”

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15 thoughts on “Muslim Woman In Burka Melts Down At Gay Pride Parade: ‘Shame On You, You Despicable People’

  1. It angers me that these individuals come to the UK and other western countries and want to import their hatred. They could always leave and enjoy Sharia elsewhere.

  2. It is inevitable when courting all minorities to live on the same plantation but not assimilate, that those groups will be in constant combat. Trump recognizes one race. The human race. He strives to set common goals for minorities so they can share something in common. The socialist-democrats strive to keep minorities apart, not sharing anything but hatred for each other, but voting for the plantation overseers, the socialist-democrats.

  3. Why can’t they just get along? Don’t they know they’re all Democrats? Isn’t it odd that the Muslim hate the LGBTQ group so much they k**l them the whole world over but LGBTQ doesn’t pay enough attention to the truth to realize Trump’s their salvation? Funny, if you ask me.

  4. Ahhhh…Leftist tolerance at its finest. Islamist shouting hate at gays…gays using being hateful like the Right as an insult. And the Right weren’t even unvolved in the hate! Can’t make it up…

  5. Stop writing so biasedly: it’s not ” according to ISIS’ s interpretation on Islam”, it just is what it is. It is not even an interpretation as the following sentence of your own writing proofs. We don’t need sugar coating, cloaking, beguiling or fending; thank you. Just report things as they are.

  6. Look at how “they” revel in offending you, even as “they” whine about being offended.
    “rainbow” flags offend me …… pack them away.
    Free speech to publicly burn an American flag in protest of American values,
    But hate speech to publicly burn a rainbow flag in protest of homosexual nation destroying values!
    Where is the TOLERANCE for the belief systems that built the Civilization.
    Show me any successful, prosperous, homosexual civilization in all history..
    When the “alternate” lifestyle becomes mainstream,civilization DIES. The parasite cannot live without it’s healthy host body.
    Science is science. You can’t change your sex. You cant change biology because of emotions
    Why are Child Sexual Abusers being allowed to conceal their sexual perversions behind a veil of “education”. They practice Pedophilia on children and claim it is “education”.
    If you cannot NATURALLY bear and birth a child you are not a WOMAN.
    If you cannot NATURALLY fertilize an egg you are not a MAN.
    You can c*t off whatever body part you want and change your pronouns. That Doesn’t change your DNA.
    They scream “tolerance” but they are INtolerant.
    They scream “HATERS” but look at their twisted faces and spittle dripping mouths.
    They scream “democracy” but they refuse to accept the will of the MAJORITY.
    There has been ZERO concern for the RIGHTS and FEELINGS of the NON-lbgtafd People, ALL they care about is THEM, So I see ZERO reason to give a Flying FIG about theirs.
    “The gay pride flag is offensive to Christians and millions of people of other faiths, not only in this country but around the world.

  7. Wouldn’t it be nice if we left our burkas and rainbow flags at home and saw each other as dignified citizens passing in the street with our private beliefs held respectfully private?

  8. I don’t care for either group. They are both destructive to a decent society. Ideally they would k**l each other off.

  9. The people screaming conservatives are racist needs to go back and read history. Democrats had the most slaves and didn’t want them freed. The Republicans fought and died to free slaves. They still do more for them today than the Democrats have. I think years ago they were forced to back what was the democratic party. And most have just stayed that way.

  10. who is running the country the Muslims or the gov. why do they have the right to demand anything? They like to have there owned society let the go back to there Muslim country’s

  11. “What these people really want, hidden behind obscure legal phrases, is the legal right to propose to our children that theirs is an acceptable alternate way of life.”
    Anita Bryant 1977
    What two consenting adults do in the privacy of their home is none of my business.
    However, parades and public education are my business because they are political, not religious issues. The problem goes far beyond a Muslim woman protesting the promotion of sodomy. The entire educational system has been politicized on many levels, such as promoting multiculturalism and diversity, teaching the Holocaust as a special subject, promoting the EU, and a myriad of other issues. Schools used to be about teaching children how to think. Today they are about teaching children what to think.

  12. As much as I disagree with the horrible evil religion of Islam this woman is correct that homosexuality si a perverse way of life in violation of God’s (The God of the Bible not the muslim god) Law. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuals which the bible calls Sodomites. The Bible says those who practice homosexuality will not enter into the kingdom of God.
    The ancient kings who “destroyed the sodomites out of the land” were commended by God.
    Homosexuality once was as crime in the country and rightfully so. They wanted there perversion to be legal. Then they wanted us to accept what they did as ok. Then they wanted us to accept their perversion as being equally as good as relation between a man and a woman. Then they wanted us to accept their unholy perverse union as equal to holy godly marriage between a man and a woman. Now they want their union to be praised and preferred. Sin is a great evil that Jesus said was like leaven in bread. A little leaven (yeast) will permeate the whole loaf and puf f it up. A little evil allowed in a society and will grow a permeate the whole society and puff the pride of those who wish to do evil so that they will impose their immorality on the whole society and corrupt the whole. This is where ware now.

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