WATCH: Muslim Doctor Says Jews Eat Human Blood During Passover

A Muslim doctor from Egypt accused Jews of eating human blood mixed with matso during Passover in a mid-July interview on the Egyptian television show “Blue Line.”

Dr. Fouad M. AbdelWahed, an Egyptian professor of Hebrew at King Saud University made the wild claim that some Jews donate blood to mix with matso and consume it during the major Jewish holiday.



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4 thoughts on “WATCH: Muslim Doctor Says Jews Eat Human Blood During Passover

    1. would you site the passage in the Hadith that supports your claim? I’m no Muslim and think they are all crazy but in all my reading I have never seen this. Lets stick to the truth. There is enough truth about them and makes their goals clear.

      1. That is just a rehash of th e “blood libel” myth promulgated by the medieval Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. Even the most fervent present day anti-Semites have abandoned that piece of nonsense. The Moslems are obviously becoming desperate in their attacks on the Jews.

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