Rumors of Turkish President Erdogan’s Death Are Not Confirmed Or Denied By Turkish Officials As Speculation Spreads Worldwide

According to various news outlets, President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey may have suffered a fatal heart attack on July 21, 2019 at 11:53 PM local time according to Arab and Turkish outlets.

According to SAWA affiliate:


On 21 st of July 2019, activists and various Arab media websites published the news of the death of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan following a sudden health scare without any official clarification being issued by the Turkish officials.

One of the Egyptian media pages on Facebook wrote that the announcement of the death of Turkish President Erdogan was announced shortly after an acute heart attack amid deep silence within Turkey’s Presidential Palace.


According to our sources in Ankara, the alleged deadly event happened on July 21, 2019 just a few minutes before midnight. Our sources say that a very high level meeting was initiated at around 6 a.m. local time and there is a nationwide media gag order. Many activists within Turkey have been posting information online since the alleged event happened.

A spokesperson for the office of Suleyman Soylu told LauraLoomer.US

“We cannot confirm or deny anything on the health of President Erdogan. We can confirm that the Iranian Central Bank Official was in Turkey this weekend to meet with him to discuss trade and the EUs commitment to INSTEX.”

INSTEX is something that is of great interest to Turkey, Iran and Qatar.

In January of 2019, the UK, France and Germany announced the opening of a new channel for non-dollar trade that would allow EU entities to do business with Iran, bypassing the U.S. sanctions. In other words they are implementing a way to avoid US sanctions on Iran which was a main topic of discussion between the US and Turkey.

Last week the Foreign Minister of Iran was in New York talking sanctions.

“The Americans have turned their dollar into a weapon of the economic war. This will have mid-term and long-term negative impacts on the influence of dollar in international trade. You see that many US allies are distancing themselves from using dollar and are using their own national currencies. Last year, Iran and Turkey used their national currencies for 35% of their trade volume and other countries are following suit.”

CNN’s Farid Zakaria July 17, 2019 interview of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at the residence of Iran Ambassador to UN aired Sunday 21JUL2019

The Iran State News Agency elaborated Zarif’s visit and also added the notion that a weaponized US dollar has no place in the Shanghai Corp, but they didn’t talk about INSTEX , which was the topic of conversation this weekend in Turkey and last week with President Putin when he met with EU officials. We thought the EU had sanctions on Russia but now they are willing to have them join the new banking system?

There have been many rumors of President Erdogan’s death in the past but this is the FIRST time that Turkish authorities will not CONFIRM or DENY. Most interesting is that this rumor has been live for about 24 hours with no official response and comes at a time when Turkey is “burning bridges”.

Recently, Turkey has been lighting fires with “allies”.


  • Their receipt of S-400 missiles from Russia has excluded them from participating and receiving F-35 aircraft from the USA and even though President Trump said he doesn’t intend to impose sanctions Congress states otherwise. Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu said that Turkey would retaliate to any sanctions.
  • Today, Turkey has threatened to attack US backed Syrian-Kurds

European Union

  • Today it was reported by EU media that Turkey stated that if the EU doesn’t pay them the money promised to secure their northern borders from refugees pouring into the EU they will stop their end of the agreement and mandated all Syrians leave Istanbul.
  • The EU has is implementing sanctions to be imposed on Turkey for illegally drilling in EU controlled waters and that they are in violation of international laws violating sovereign borders of both Greece and Turkey. Turkey is the ONLY country that considers Northern Cyprus legitimate territory of Turkey after they invaded and occupied it in 1974.
  • On Friday Erdogan said he has no problem invading Cyprus again like they did 45 years ago to claim their land and


All Arab nations, including Israel and the USA are confused as to why Turkey last week signed the defense agreement with Tripoli to be their military. Turkey’s Muslim Brotherhood government has fully backed Tripoli Government of National Accord (GNA) government (U.N. chosen). The GNA is in fact run by the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood backed by the state of Qatar. Turkey’s involvement in the Libyan civil war to fight the Libyan National Army (LNA) which the United States and many other nations support has raised many questions as to why they are doing this. Many nations claim it is a way for them to additionally take stronghold of the Central Mediterranean allowing them military patrol and access adding to the already heavy presence in the Eastern Mediterranean to protect their illegal oil drilling efforts off the coast of Cyprus.

Turkey’s Lybian Defense Agreement gives them extensive access and rights to (purple) Libyan waters along with International waters.

If the rumors are true who succeeds Erdogan?

Vice President of Turkey Fuat Okray (photo: TRT)

In the case of President Erdogan’s death his successor would be Fuat Oktay, the Vice President of Turkey. Oktay is a staunch Muslim Brotherhood supporter and not as “eloquent” as Erdogan when it comes to foreign relations.

Is President Erdogan dead? No one knows. In the past when rumors of Erdogan being dead spread the Turkish Government has quickly refuted them and that is not happening right now.

We haven’t seen many MSM press outlets bold enough to ask the question just a handful of “verified” Twitter users and many investigative foreign policy journalists. Our contributor has reached out to Ilhan Omar to ask her to communicate with Turkey since she gets calls from the Foreign Minister of Turkey often and has lunches with the Ambassador of Turkey behind closed doors.

Yoni Michanie 

At the time of publication, Greece, the neighboring country of Turkey has begun to report on the “rumors” that the President of Turkey has passed away.

According to one Greek media report:

TRANSLATION: It’s important to note that in the past the Turkish Press Office and Presidential Palace have refuted rumors instantly. Despite the rumors of Erdogan’s death going around for almost 24 hours, the Turkish Presidential Palace and Press office remains silent, fueling new rumors and validating the rumors of his death.

“We don’t know anything either. I was hung up on twice and TRT won’t confirm or deny anything to us when they are usually prompt.”


This story is still developing.

If the rumors are true, Ilhan Omar is likely expected to attend the funeral.

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