Rashida Tlaib Warns ‘I’m Not Going Nowhere, Not Until I Impeach This President’

Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib vowed during a speech at the NAACP Convention in Detroit to fulfill her pledge to remove Trump from office.

“I’m not going nowhere, not until I impeach this President,” Tlaib said at the NAACP annual convention in Detroit.

“Let’s be clear today, President Trump is a bully and we stand up to bullies,” she continued. “This is a critical moment in our history, the leadership of NAACP is needed as we see the poison of racism. Donald Trump has given permission to people who used to stand in sheets in the middle of the night to stand in the light in front of the microphones. This is wrong.”

Trump has called out Tlaib and three other freshman Democrats congresswoman, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, for their continuous anti-American, anti-Semitic remarks, telling the group last week to “go back” to the “totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.”

The president renewed his criticism of the lawmakers, who call themselves “The Squad,” shortly after Tlaib’s speech on Monday, warning they are “racist troublemakers.”

On Sunday, Trump tweeted; “I don’t believe the four Congresswomen are capable of loving our Country,” accused them of “destroying the Democratic Party,” and said they should “apologize to America” and Israel. 

Tlaib did not directly address the President’s latest tweets in her remarks in Detroit, but later in her speech she said, “We need bold action, folks. I know what’s happening out there … it’s beyond just the four of us.”

“The Squad is all of you. I can tell you, you are all the squad, trust me. If you support equity, you support justice, you are one of us,” she said.

After her swearing into Congress, Tlaib made headlines declaring to the audience at a progressive event, “we’re gonna go in there and we’re going to impeach the motherf****r,” a reference to the President.

Tlaib made history with her swearing-in as the first Palestinian-American woman to serve in Congress. She and incoming Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota are the first two Muslim women ever elected to Congress.

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4 thoughts on “Rashida Tlaib Warns ‘I’m Not Going Nowhere, Not Until I Impeach This President’

  1. If I were Tlaib I wouldn’t be so certain about her future. I think that these traitors would be much better off if they heeded the warnings that they have already received! They have provoked the wrath of the American People and President Trump so, when it happens (and it will) they have no one to blame but themselves. This is OUR COUNTRY and they better not forget it!

  2. I, like most Americans are disgusted with the fact that the “SQUAD” and the rest of the Democrats can threaten our President without suffering any consequences. However, when someone threatens them they scream bloody murder. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt but, they just keep on provoking the situation. I think that things will soften up when the Obamas and the Clintons are arrested and charged with treason. Until that happens, I would strongly advise the “SQUAD” to keep a low profile and quit making threats!

  3. Why is it that liberal women as so fugly?
    Could it be possibly be because their outer appearance is a reflection of their inner beauty?
    Those that not only condone but enthusiastically support the murder of babies inside and outside the womb and then selling off their body parts for profit are truly hideously u**y people on the inside.

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