Ohio Medical Board to Discipline Muslim Doctor Who Threatened to Give Wrong Medicine to Jewish Patients

Kollab may never treat a patient.

The Ohio Medical Board has sent a letter to Muslim Dr. Lara Kollab notifying her that she will be disciplined for Tweets in which she suggested that she would give Jewish patients the wrong medicine.

“In accordance with Chapter 119., Ohio Revised Code, you are hereby notified that the State Medical Board of Ohio [Board] intends to determine whether or not to limit, revoke, permanently revoke, suspend, refuse to grant or register or renew or reinstate your training license/certificate to practice osteopathic medicine and surgery, or to reprimand you or place you on probation for one or more of the following reasons:” according to Israellycool.com.

Kollab authored several anti-Semitic Tweets, to which she admitted during a deposition by the Ohio Medical Board. The Canary Mission, which monitors anti-Semitism, captured many of Kollab’s Tweets when they were initially discovered:

But the most egregious of the Tweets, and the one that should be grounds for making sure Kollab never treats a patient, is the following one.

“‘ill purposely give all the yahood [Jews] the wrong meds…” she said in 2012.

Kollab was dismissed from her medical residency at the Cleveland Clinic when the Tweets first surfaced.

From Israellycool.com:

“Although you asserted in your June 2019 deposition that you now feel ashamed of your discriminatory comments, when asked if your tweets reflect good moral character, you admitted that they do not,” Dr. Kim G. Rosenthal, secretary of the medical board, wrote in a July 10 letter to Kollab. “Further, for any violations that occurred on or after September 29, 2015, the board may impose a civil penalty in an amount that shall not exceed $20,000.”

Kollab has the right to request a hearing within 30 days of the notice prior to the state medical board’s action.

“We issue a citation which is basically putting one of our licensees or training certificate holders on notice that they are going to face discipline from the medical board,” said Tessie Pollock, director of communication for the State Medical Board of Ohio. “They have a right to a hearing. So they can request a hearing or we can proceed without one. I can check and see if we’ve gotten that request for hearing yet. And then it’ll be a hearing usually between that person, their attorneys, and then our hearing officers will review all the information and then they offer a report and recommendation to the board. … Then they’ll take formal action on that individual.”

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8 thoughts on “Ohio Medical Board to Discipline Muslim Doctor Who Threatened to Give Wrong Medicine to Jewish Patients

    1. why isn’t this story being given to mainstream media or at least conservative oriented sites like the NY POST FOX NEWS WSJ ?

  1. I would fire her for those remarks! Think about if she ever does it? The liability of the hospital for not firing her! The lawyers would go crazy!!

  2. Why would she not IMMEDIATELY have her license revoked? Is she a child to be reprimanded or a grown adult old enough to have gone through medical school, residency, and was a practicing doctor? She knows exactly who she is, she knows exactly how she feels, and as a muslim, she ABSOLUTELY would go so far as to “accidentally” wrongly medicate a Jewish person out of sheer hatred!! This piece of human excrement needs to be denied the privilege to EVER practice medicine in this country again but I say we ship her off to “Palestine” and let her practice her “skills” on those she truly has a heart for! If you can even make the claim that this garbage has a heart :/ What’s the oath doctors take? “Do no harm”?!?! More like hypocrite! She must’ve confused Hippocratic Oath with hypocrisy! She’s also an oath breaker so her words mean nothing to me when she says “I am ashamed of my discriminatory remarks”…Yeah, right!!

  3. Hey Ohio, strip her of any and all medical lic/certificates, than in handcuffs deliver her to the state department for immediate deportation. She’s NOT a Doctor, she is a muslim terrorist.

  4. Muslems are a threat everywhere no matter where they squat. They need to be destroyed to protect human life.

  5. Well here we go again. If she would do this to a Jew I wonder if she has the sentiments towards infidels. I certainly wouldn’t trust her. This so called religion of peace is more hateful then peaceful.

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