FLASHBACK: Democrat Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson Leads “White Apology” Cult Prayer

Bottom barrel Democrat presidential candidate Marianne Williamson just keeps getting weirder. An author and motivational speaker by trade, Williamson has garnered attention for her cringe debate performance in Miami late last month.

Williamson has been mocked across the board for her cult leader’esque speaking cadence and presentation, though she does have a certain charisma… even if it is super creepy.

Remember the Maenad named Maryann from True Blood? That’s basically Marianne Williamson.

Marianne’s “prayer of apology” to African Americans took place at an event Williamson hosted in 2016 during her time as a motivational speaker. She asked white members of the audience to join her in a prayer to African American attendees.


Most sane people would feel a hint of Jim Jones after watching this video. Would a President Williamson force the American people to recite her “White Apology” prayer if she were elected President?


Jacob Engels

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