Why Can’t Ilhan Omar Condemn Al-Qaeda?

Laura Loomer contributed to this exclusive LauraLoomer.US report

Why can’t Ilhan Abdullahi Omar condemn Al-Qaeda?

Why hasn’t she put out a statement condemning the Al-Shabaab attack last week that killed TWO Americans?

As a reminder, she did put out a statement back in 2013 about the Kenyan Mall attack by Al-Shabaab but it wasn’t condemning Al-Shabaab. Instead her statement was fueled with deep-seated hate for the United States of America claiming it was OUR nation’s fault the attack happened!

To understand why Ilhan Abdullahi Omar cannot condemn Al-Qaeda we must understand the relationship between Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey.

During a press conference this week, Omar was asked to condemn both Al-Qaeda and ANTIFA, two terrorist organizations.

She refused to condemn both terror orgs. But, many people are missing the key reason why. It is worth noting that [‘Al-Qa’idah’], in Arabic translates to ‘The Base‘, as in training base. The name of ANTIFA’s headquarter in New York City is also called “The Base”.

This is not a coincidence. Several weeks ago, ANTIFA terrorists were caught on video chanting “Allahu Akbar”, and FBI reports have documented the growing trend of ANTIFA terrorists traveling overseas to Syria to train with ISIS. Ilhan Omar’s presence in Congress, along with the other members of the Hamas Caucus serve the purpose of representing the ‘red-green alliance’ from within the halls of Congress.

The Obama Administration, the Democrats and the MSM know the answer to that. Back in 2001 Pakistan arrested Jihad Deyab and Ibrahim al-Qosi who were both detained in GITMO. Jihad Deyab spent 12 months at GITMO was never charged and then according to records was released to Uruguay. Jihad Deyab was then arrested in Turkey in 2018 travelling with forged documents and then deported to Syria. Prior to that he was deported back to Uruguay from Venezuela in 2014 when he was captured there.

Ibrahim Al Qosi, part of al-Qaeda had appeared in a propaganda video for the terrorist group, threatening the United States and encouraging Muslims to wage “war” against America after his release. In 2016 he was one of 30 people arrested in connection to the Istanbul Airport Attack. Back in 2015 a video was released by Al-Qaeda indicating that Qosi, who was released from GITMO in 2012, was the leader of Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

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Thank you Barack HUSSEIN Obama

In February 2016 through social media messaging app Telegram, Ibrahim Qosi told fighters in Somalia:

“Continue the raid with a raid, and light up the ground beneath the feet of the Crusaders and team them that the lands of Islam are a fortress that is not allowed to the disbelievers, and a graveyard for the invaders.”

Translation by the SITE Intelligence Group

At the time, Secretary of State John Kerry was confronted by Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk about the reports of Qosi’s activity and re-joining Al-Qaeda. Kerry’s limp-wristed response was:

Well, senator, he’s not supposed to be doing that and there are consequences for that.

John Kerry on Qosi being a leader in Al-Qaeda after GITMO release

Below is his threat assessment:

Not only did the head of Al-Qaeda encourage Somalia to fight, but our Intelligence Community was alerted that Turkey’s Intelligence Organization (MIT) is being headed by a very Pro-Iranian Islamist and is alleged to have collaborated with former GITMO detainees to fund Al-Shabaab, according to our exclusive sources.

In essence, Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab are one in the same as they support the same thing: To implement a global Islamic caliphate and impose and implement Sharia Law to refute any and all western influence.

Exclusive to LauraLoomer.us, we have been receiving information linking Ilhan Abdullahi Omar to Al-Shabaab. Omar’s refusal to condemn Al-Qaeda and refusal to make a statement on the most recent Al-Shabaab attack that claimed the lives of two Americans would align with the information we have been receiving.

It seems that Turkey, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab are all Ilhan Abdullahi Omar’s strongest supporters, who are advocating for her, campaign fundraising for her through their terrorist state media, and gracing her face and words on their state media outlets on a daily basis.

As the saying goes: “Show me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” When applied to Ilhan Abdullahi Omar’s circle of friends, she appears to be a terrorist “hiding” in plain sight with a deep seated hatred for the nation she is supposed to be serving.

Here is her response to the simple and DIRECT question are you Pro Al-Qaeda?

Does anyone remember when Ilhan Abdullahi Omar or Rashida Tlaib condemned Hamas or any other terrorist organization? Yeah, we don’t either. When they were asked to do so on video by investigative journalist Laura Loomer BEFORE they were elected to Congress, they refused to condemn the terror orgs, and Tlaib physically assaulted Loomer...and NOTHING was done about it.

Now there are two open terrorist apologists serving in the US Congress.

This is an exclusive LauraLoomer.US report.

Laura Loomer contributed to this report.

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