Ilhan Omar Calls Palestinian Resistance ‘Non-Violent’ as Hamas Threatens to Cut Off Heads of Jews

One of these things is not like the other.

On the same day that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called for the celebration of the “non-violent” Palestinian movement, a video emerged of a Hamas Political Bureau member specifically threatening to cut off the heads of Jews this Friday if Israel does not submit to the will of the terror organization.

“We say to the Zionist enemy that it has exactly one week – until next Friday,” terrorist Fathi Hammad said. “If it does not lift the siege by then, and if it does not implement the understandings [with Hamas], we have many methods and means up our sleeves, and they are just waiting for the green light to powerfully explode in the face of the enemy, Allah willing.”

Hamas is a terrorist organization that occupies the Gaza strip, and enjoys a close bond with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which supports politicians like Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

“They think that we are rational people,” Hammad continued. “Well, we aren’t. The people of Gaza are not rational. For 70 years in Gaza the Zionist enemy tried to change our genes. [Our genes] have not changed. On the contrary, they have progressed even more, and they are ready to blow up in the face of the enemies, Allah willing.”

“You have one week, oh Zionist enemy,” he said. “If you do not lift the siege, well, we will not die standing [idly by]. We will not die of starvation. If we die, it will be while we are killing you and cutting off your heads.”

Later in the video, he called for attacking “every Jew on planet earth.”

“We must slaughter and kill them,” he said.

Now, contrast that with what Omar said at the Netroots Conference over the weekend.

“In the situation of Palestine, what we are doing right now is having hypocrisy in not celebrating non-violent movements there and condemning it,” she said. “This is what we’re dealing with in the halls of Congress. This is what we’re dealing with in the rhetoric that is in the media in regards to people who are non-violently wanting to resist and fight for the liberation of Palestinian people. And so that hypocrisy needs to end.”

Gee… how “Peaceful”.


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3 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar Calls Palestinian Resistance ‘Non-Violent’ as Hamas Threatens to Cut Off Heads of Jews

  1. I was going to send you this info via your “Tip Line” last night, but my Internet went out. And when I woke up this morning, I had construction workers doing some work on my house, so I was unable to get this info to you the minute I saw it. I see, however, that there wasn’t any need to do so. Great job, Laura! I have a lot of respect for you being on top of this news! Why aren’t most other media outlets talking about this? Laura and her team is doing a great job! AOC, Omar and the rest of the anti-Semites support Hamas. Let’s see if they’ll still support Hamas now? I make you a bet that they still will support Hamas.

  2. One more thing, how come Hamas still has their social media accounts, but Laura Loomer is banned? Something very odd is going on here. If I were Laura, I’d show the Hamas video to her legal team, so they could use this information. Think about it. Hamas has their social media accounts after calling on Palestinians worldwide to k**l Jews, but Laura Loomer has been banned. Talk about hypocrisy! That really disgusts me! I’m praying that justice will be served.

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