Iraqi Parliament Threatens To Revoke Citizenship Of Former Miss Iraq For Defending Israel

Former Miss Iraq is facing calls for her citizenship to be revoked from her home country Baghdad after praising Israel before the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Sarah Idan, who served as Miss Iraq in the 2017 Miss Universe beauty pageant, criticized Arab countries for their refusal to regard Israel as a potential ally during a speech at the UN.

Iraqi leaders’ hatred of Israel is predicated in the ant-Semitic belief system taught in Muslim countries and reinforced by biased media, the 29-year old told the United Nations Human Rights Council.

“Two years ago, I represented Iraq at Miss Universe. I posted a photo with Miss Israel on social media. I was told to remove it and forced to denounce Israeli police. I received death threats. Since then I can no longer return to my homeland. Why did the Iraqi government fail to condemn the threats, or allow my freedom of speech? The issue between Arabs and Israelis goes beyond policy and disagreements,” she said. “It’s deeply rooted in the belief systems taught in Muslim countries which are anti-Semitic.”

“Sadly, hatred and intolerance are reinforced by biased media. When I watched the news last month, why did they never report that the Hamas terrorist organization fired nearly 700 rockets at Israeli civilians in one weekend or that Hamas used Palestinians in Gaza as human shields? Why do they never condemn Hamas for initiating the attacks?” she continued. “Instead, they only show those killed by the response, in self-defense, and blame Israel.”

Baghdad now claims the 29-year-old is a criminal and is attempting to revoke her citizenship.

“What the former Miss Iraq Idan is doing will be held accountable by law and the competent authorities to follow up,” Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee member Ali al-Ghanni warns.

Idan, who worked for a time with U.S. troops in Iraq as a translator, argues Baghad’s threat of retaliation is inhumane and she’s calling on President Trump and the UN for assistance.

“2 weeks ago Iraq denied my statements at the UN that I don’t have freedom to speak about Israel now they’re taking my citizenship/ This is inhumane. I’m speechless,” the former beauty queen tweeted. “I fought beside US to end tyranny & deliver democracy to Iraq. Freedom of speech is the base of democracy & must be protected. I urge the @UN @realDonaldTrump to investigate this decision & put an end to this abuse & protect my rights as an Iraqi American citizen.” Israel’s

Idan’s family was forced to flee Iraq after photo she posted on Instagram with Adar Gandelsman, who was representing the Jewish state as Miss Israel. Idan, who lives in California, received death threats over the photo. 



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