WATCH: Antifa Tries to Break Through Police Barrier at Demand Free Speech Rally

Unlike in Portland, police were ready for Antifa.

Black clad Antifa members were stonewalled by police after attempting to break through a cordoned off area at Saturday’s Demand Free Speech rally.

The loosely-affiliated organization of street thugs has a history of committing violent acts in major American cities, but police in Washington, D.C. were on high alert Saturday after Antifa vowed to show up at the conservative event. Laura Loomer was the event, where she described Antifa’s presence.

“I had a pretty good security detail today because people were threatening to shoot me and throw acid in my face, so I pretty much was driven in, got up on stage, gave my talk, and left. But I did see Antifa in the back,” Loomer told OAN’s Neil McCabe.

““Unlike the Portland police, the police here in Washington, D.C. actually did a pretty great job protecting conservatives from Antifa,” Loomer said. “Antifa has thrown drinks on me, Antifa has assaulted me, but today I saw Antifa online – they were taking the newspaper stands and tables from restaurants outside and throwing them into the street.”

Loomer was referring to last week’s scuffle in Portland, Oregon, where journalist Andy Ngo was savagely beaten by masked Antifa members while police stood down.

This site reported:

Andy Ngo, who frequently covers the violent alt-left group Antifa in the Pacific Northwest, was beaten and bloodied by a gang of masked members of Antifa on Saturday in Portland, Oregon, an ANTIFA breeding ground.

Ngo was attacked during Antifa’s counter protest of the Proud Boys, a men’s fraternal organization known for protecting conservative speakers and celebrities from violent leftists across the United States.

Labeled a domestic terrorist organization by the Department of Homeland Security, Antifa is largely allowed to run amok across the United States with no pushback from law enforcement. Key members of the mainstream media and progressive movement have cheered on their violent tactics, even when the group attacks journalists and the elderly.

Ngo has become a frequent target of Antifa online because he captures their violent outbursts on camera, showing the American people and the world in whole how unhinged and out-of-control the domestic terrorist group has become since the election of Donald Trump.

Antifa famously set D.C. ablaze during Trump’s inauguration, leaving the city in shambles and even torching a limousine belonging to an innocent immigrant just trying to earn a few bucks during the festivities that drew tens of thousands to our national capitol.

But despite their violent history, Antifa was kept in check Saturday. When the group tried to break through a cordoned off police barrier, they were stonewalled by officers. One of the Antifa members was embarrassingly flung backwards like a rag doll by a D.C. Metro Police officer.


Peter M. D'Abrosca

Peter D'Abrosca is a freelance investigative reporter, author, and conservative political commentator.

5 thoughts on “WATCH: Antifa Tries to Break Through Police Barrier at Demand Free Speech Rally

  1. It was great to see that the DC Police were doing the right thing, and stopping those insane, perversely violent criminals! Memo to everyone: CONSERVATIVES HAVE THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH & EXPRESSION, TOO!!! When the far-left liberals hold their demonstrations & rally events, you never see violent disruptions by conservatives, because main-stream conservatives are by nature, civilized & decent folk, who would not use violence as a tactic against political opponents. The Tea Party movement was a fully peaceful, political front that never would & never did any physical harm to anybody, and whose rallies were always peaceful, sober events.

    Sadly, the Tea Party was pretty much compelled to stop holding rallies, because of the arrival-on-the-scene of these demented, masked street hoodlums, and the high probability that conservative-type people would be subject to fierce intimidations and brutalities by them. The wave of insanity has escalated to painful, brutal physical beatings, by the horrid Antifa thugs. Fierce hostility has been visited upon or threatened to conservative reporters & media figures by these ferocious beasts——– such as what happened to Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon, about a week & a half ago.

    Antifa have gotten away with their brutality for far too long, and they do it with impunity, since the local cops in these liberal-extremist-led cities allows them to run amok, deliberately. When police witness but then ignore such politically-motivated violence, from one group upon those of another group, and act as if they don’t have to do anything, we reach the pass where the rule-of-law is completely gone and mob-rule runs rampant! Apparently Portland has become such a mob-ruled city! I’m glad to see that Washington DC has not done that awful transformation——– and that its law-enforcers have managed to stop Antifa dead on its tracks, before it could harm anyone.

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