VIDEO: Cory Booker Escorts Migrants from Juarez Into the United States

The Democratic Primary is devolving into a competition of who can best help illegal aliens.

A U.S. Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful was at the southern border with Mexico Wednesday, helping illegal aliens cross the border into the United States.

NEWS: Today [Sen Cory Booker (D-NJ)] crossed the U.S. border from Juarez to El Paso with [Families Belong Together] to help escort 5 asylum-seekers and try to prevent them from being sent back to Mexico,” Booker’s press secretary Sabrina Singh said on Twitter, attaching a video.

“Families Belong Together” is a notorious pro-illegal immigration group.

“Cory was able to observe the crossing, interactions with federal immigration authorities, and see the disastrous impact of President Trump’s cruel immigration policy,” Singh said in a later Tweet.

The Democratic Party’s presidential primary is quickly devolving into a competition to see which candidate will provide the most benefits for illegal aliens and those exploiting America’s immigration policies for their own gain.

Booker himself said this week that the federal government providing healthcare to illegal aliens on the taxpayer dime is “just a common sense thing.”

In fact, at last week’s Democratic Primary debates in Miami, Florida, every candidate agreed that illegal aliens should be provided with “free” healthcare.

“This is a show of hands question and hold them up so people can see. Raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants,” NBC host and debate moderator Savannah Guthrie said.

Every candidate on the Thursday night stage – which was the second night of the first round of debates – raised his or her hand.

“Raise your hand if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime to cross the border without documentation?” José Díaz-Balart, another moderator asked.

Nine of the candidates raised their hand in response to that question.

President Donald J. Trump chastised the candidates on Twitter during the debate.

“All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. How about taking care of American Citizens first!? That’s the end of that race!” he said.

WATCH Booker help the migrants cross the border:

Laura Loomer

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Laura Loomer

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Cory Booker Escorts Migrants from Juarez Into the United States

  1. When will the conservative right wake up and take this country back from these idiotic snowflakes and downright communists? Time is now to fill up body bags with these assholes from the government and those in the streets attacking democracy. Like someone once said “kill them all now and let God sort them out”.

    So done with waiting for this to be cleaned up.

  2. Just Wow!! What kind of loose cannon mentality is this? Sometimes, the kid should just stay on the farm. Really a shame and embarassment on his parents as well as office hefilled as Governor of Florida.

  3. Laura this is Allan sager Seattle in desperate need of help lack of justice is an understatement what’s going on here if I can’t get someone’s help Im not sure what I’m going to do as I have young kids no family I need help bad

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