Drudge Report Celebrates 4th of July As Liberals Cry

Matt Drudge isn’t letting the radical Left damper his patriotism.

The Conservative icon made a rare change to his world renowned website on Thursday.

Drudge Report, one of the world’s most visited websites, traditionally consists of a strictly black and white layout with red headlines.

For America’s Independence Day, Drudge gave his site a patriotic makeover with red, white, and blue text.

It looks great.

Given that Drudge Report is the most popular Conservative news sites in the world, with journalists on both sides of the political aisle competing for Drudge headlines, Drudge has always been supportive of Conservative investigative journalist Laura Loomer, and her news company Illoominate Media. Her byline is highlighted in red for the 4th.

Other journalists who has been fortunate enough to have a Drudge byline have their names featured in blue for the 4th of July.

Perhaps Drudge is trying to send a message to Loomer?

Either way, the touch of color is a nice surprise for readers.

Here at LauraLoomer.us, we love Matt Drudge and are honored to be featured on his site.

Happy Fourth of July!

2 thoughts on “Drudge Report Celebrates 4th of July As Liberals Cry

  1. Laura, the red is for visited links, it’s not specifically for you. Click on another link and then go back to Drudge, it’ll be red.

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