Communist Protestors Build Human Wall To Keep Loomer Away From ‘The Young Turks’

Dozens of leftist protesters formed a human wall in downtown Miami, Florida Wednesday night to stop investigative journalist Laura Loomer from confronting The Young Turks during the Democrat Debate.

In May, Facebook and Instagram banned Loomer, claiming her account violated its policies against its policies against dangerous individuals and organizations. In response, The Young Turks celebrated the social media giant’s decision to deplatform her and mockingly characterizing her as a right-wing, white supremacist and “conspiracy theorist.”

The Young Turks were broadcasting outside the Adrienne Arscht Center in downtown Miami, where the Democratic presidential nominees debated each other for the first time. Loomer attempted to confront The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur about the left-wing host’s advocacy of censorship.

But an army of leftists protestors, ironically, formed a human barricade and wall, barring her from approaching The Young Turks.

Loomer blasted Cenk and The Young Turks for hypocritically cowering behind a wall.

“I find it funny how Cenk and members of Young Turks are such tough guys when broadcasting their show, talking about how great it is that conservatives are deplatformed. But, when given the opportunity to talk face to face with me, they are cowards and hide behind a literal communist a human wall to keep me away,” Loomer said.

“Like Nancy Pelosi, Cenk Uygur and the rest of the Young Turks claim walls are immoral as they continue to attack President Trump’s plans to build a wall and say ‘everyone is welcome here,” Loomer added. “I guess walls work after all!”

In January, Loomer hopped over Nancy Pelosi’s wall at her Napa Valley mansion to highlight the Speaker of the House’s hypocrisy. Loomer brought three illegal aliens with her, from Mexico and Guatemala and set up a “sanctuary” on Pelosi’s lawn. Pelosi called the police and had the illegals removed, or rather “deported” from her home.


6 thoughts on “Communist Protestors Build Human Wall To Keep Loomer Away From ‘The Young Turks’

  1. I don’t often say this to beautiful young ladies, but you’ve really got some stones, Miss Loomer. I mean to say that I admire your tenacity and fearlessness. If I were forty years younger, I would be making efforts to meet you on a personal level 😉

  2. CENSORING is what Bolsheviks DO.
    If you are NOT banned by FARTBOOK & GOOLAG, you are NOT a Conservative.
    Have you noticed that those complaining about Social Media censorship, also censor? Breitbart, OAN, pseudo-“America-First-Christian-Patriots” hate any mention of the Jewish log in their eyes. They are busy banning those who point out the glaring Jewish/Israeli interference in America’s government and betraying their own Savior.
    Notice all the pseudo “conservatives” that continue to use Facebook and have their comments on Facebook, which means their visitors have to be P.C. GOOD BOYS to still have a Facebook account to leave comments …. REAL conservatives would have stated “I AM SPARTACUS” and quit Facebook when INFOWARS was banned. They would have deleted all truth on their sites, stuffed their files with garbage so ZUCK could sell it …. and walked away.
    Still on FARTBOOK? NOT Conservative.
    As a matter of fact, if you have NOT been banned for working to expose the treason you are a failure. The gutless, spineless “conservatives” should have immediately boycotted those censoring them, and it really makes one wonder WHY they did NOT.
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  3. Should have started chanting “Walls work!” over and over again. lol

    For me well, I ‘ve learned over the years to not underestimate the power of human stupidity. What those people in line are PHYSICALLY saying is that their sides positions are so WEAK that they can’t be questioned. lol

  4. Laura, you are one of the greatest patriots! The Young Turks are full of turkeys. They are so forceful in their opinions on the radio but are afraid to debate you! When Trump wins in 2020, they will all be going haywire!

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