Leaked Document Reveals Google Staff Deems PragerU, Jordan Peterson ‘Nazis’

Project Veritas has published a leaked email in which Google staff label PragerU, Ben Shapiro, and Jordan Peterson as “Nazis,” and suggest disabling their content from the “suggestion feature.”

PragerU is a conservative media outlet named after it’s Jewish founder, Dennis Prager.

The leaked Google email

“If we understand that PragerU, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro et al are nazis using the dog whistles,” wrote Google employee Liam Hopkins, “why not go with Meredith’s suggestion of disabling the suggestion feature?”

PragerU has already sued YouTube and Google over another type of censorship of that has been applied to it’s videos.

“YouTube has been restricting PragerU videos for years,” PragerU stated on Twitter. “The number of restricted videos continue to increase and is now over 100. This is why we have sued both Google and YouTube.”

With a looming Justice Department investigation into Google, this Project Veritas report may provide key evidence into Google and YouTube’s anti-competitive practice. Donald Trump Jr. and former White House Special Assistant Andrew Surabian shared the Project Veritas revelation on Twitter.

YouTube’s competitor Bitchute announced today it has launched a one-click tool to allow content creators to copy their videos to its platform, gaining traction in the wake of Project Veritas’s investigation exposing YouTube censorship.

Yesterday, YouTube removed Project Veritas’s video exposing YouTube’s censorship of conservatives.

1 thought on “Leaked Document Reveals Google Staff Deems PragerU, Jordan Peterson ‘Nazis’

  1. How dare PragerU and Jordan Peterson openly disagree with self-righteous leftists? Of course, this motivated Google staff to automatically go to the far-left tried and true “name calling” card and claim that people and organizational members who tell the truth and openly challenge the warped leftist narrative/ideology are Nazis.

    Newsflash. ANY form of totalitarianism, religious or political, is anti-human rights, anti-personal freedom, and creates a form of slavery for the masses. Such are the wonders of “equality” under a dictatorship. NO form of totalitarianism = progress. And yet, the Democratic party is moving further and further to the left while its members view this as “progress.” Attention Democrats. You so easily focus on Hitler, the extreme right-wing fascist psychopath as the only relevant totalitarian “boogie man” while conveniently ignoring the extreme LEFT-WING socialist and communist totalitarian psychopathic leaders such as Stalin, Lenin, and Chairman Mao who collectively killed 100 million of their OWN PEOPLE in the 20th century. Are you brave and honest enough to face the realization that YOUR increasingly leftist party is ignoring extreme FAR-LEFT socialist and communist leaders who less than 100 years ago individually and collectively killed substantially MORE innocent people than Hitler? Such are the wonders of bogus moral superiority and a disregard for facts and the truth.

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