EXCLUSIVE: Apple Threatens Twitter Competitor Parler With App Deletion, May Face Lawsuit

Apple reportedly has demanded that Twitter competitor Parler censor “offensive” speech from its website or the Parler app will be removed from Apple’s App Store.

Parler CEO John Matze is considering a lawsuit against Apple.

“I am considering legal action against Apple as this is not the first time they have censored one of my apps over political views,” Matze told LauraLoomer.us. “Additionally, I am speaking with House and Senate members about possible legislative action.”

On a Parler post earlier today, Matze revealed that Apple contacted him last week “via telephone saying that we need to ban ‘offensive’ content off Parler or they will take Parler off the App Store. We flat out refused and now we cannot push updates.”

In the email below, Parler’s notes from the phone call were recorded, including the demand that Parler “enforce strict speech policy which is based off Apple’s comments guidelines.”

Parler has been growing rapidly as a social media platform committed to allowing free speech, with its most popular users including Candace Owens, Breitbart News, and Laura Loomer, who was banned from Twitter for questioning congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

The platform was founded in 2018 and boasts users from around the world, including 200,000 users in Saudi Arabia.

Last month, it was widely reported that President Trump was considering joining Parler in light of all the censorship on other social media platforms.

Matze previously spoke of his commitment to free speech and commented on why he supports independent journalists like Laura Loomer using his platform in an exclusive interview with this reporter.

2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Apple Threatens Twitter Competitor Parler With App Deletion, May Face Lawsuit

  1. It does appear that Ms. Omar has been given the Gold Star Approval by the LGBTQ Community. Omar
    just naturally gravitates to a group, that has a lot of similarities with the Religion of Peace, aka Cult of Islam. They are both into Man-Boy Love & Both are Viciously Cruel to Whoever does Not Bow-Down to their Demands. All in All, Islam & LGBTQ are a Match Made in Hades & Omar is quick to pander to Any Group that is similar to Islam.

  2. What gall for a third party to attempt censoring through threats! The POTUS is correct on creating an action to counter this kind of censorship. On my list of high priorities for this 2030 election, Conservatives being censored is the top six.

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