Twitter Censors #1 Downloaded Country Song

Reinforcing accusations that the Silicon Valley tech giants are working in concert to silence free speech, Twitter is under fire for targeting the #1 downloaded country song, which it censored

Country music singer John Rich’s new song telling everyone to “Shut Up About Politics,” which recently topped country charts on iTunes, was censored by Twitter for being “potentially harmful” and associated with a violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service.”

On Friday, Rich announced the link he posted to the song on Twitter was deemed “unsafe.”

 “Hey @twitter you’ve deemed the #1 most downloaded song in country music to be harmful and in violation of your terms? 100% of the proceeds go to ⁦@FoldsofHonor⁩ You need to fix this,” Rich tweeted, including a screenshot of the tweet and link that was deemed “harmful.”

Here are the lyrics for “Shut Up About Politics,” Shut up about politics, of which Twitter claimed are harmful:

Ain’t nothing but a big pile of dirty tricks;
I’m tired of all the fighting and the bitching fits;
So shut up about politics; You punch left, I punch right;
We’re caught up in the middle of a deep swamp fight;
Some people lie and some people steal,
And everybody’s talking ’bout the Green New Deal
Shut up about politics;
Ain’t nothing but a big pile of dirty tricks;
I’m tired of all the fighting and the bitching fits

“Shut Up About Politics,” which features hosts of Fox News political talk show The Five in its music video, is on sale for 99 cents of iTunes. Proceeds from the track go to the charity Folds of Honor, which provides educational scholarships to the spouses or children of fallen or disabled service members.

In another tweet, Rich accused Twitter of “banning” his song.

“If you want to show support for #ShutUpAboutPolitics in spite of @twitter banning it, you can download it on ALL major music platforms. Let’s make a statement America! 100% of the proceeds go to @FoldsofHonor #Itunes #Spotify #Amazon #AppleMusic

After public backlash, Twitter claimed the link that included Rich’s tweet had been erroneously flagged as unsafe by a third party, and has since resolved the issue. The link is now active.

However, Twitter’s “accidental” censorship of the country song comes amid an onslaught of Silicon Valley’s censorship of conservatives.

NYT Slams YouTube For Allowing ‘Dangerous’ ‘Neo-Nazis’ Conservatives On Platform

On Wednesday, YouTube removed Project Veritas’ video which exposes how Pinterest actively suppressed conservative viewpoints on its website.

Veritas’ “offensive” video cites internal documents showing that Pinterest designated phrases such as “Bible verses” and “Christian Easter” as “sensitive terms” and placed the influential pro-life website, Live, on a pornography blacklist.

The same day that Project Veritas’s investigation went public, Live Action was permanently banned from Pinterest for spreading “conspiracy theories.”

 Twitter also restricted a tweet from Project Veritas exposing internal communications from Pinterest smearing conservative pundit Ben Shapiro as a “white supremacist.”

Last summer, the country music band Wes Cook band slammed Facebook for preventing the group from using the social network’s paid tools to promote its song “I Stand for the Flag.”

“It has to with a level of political bias that we feel that Facebook has within its algorithms,” band member Nathan Stoops told Fox and Friends. “If these algorithms are programmed to reject content like ‘I Stand for the Flag,’ then I think that would give a lot of Americans the right to be offended by that level of bias within a company that purports itself to be politically neutral.”

The song features lyrics such as: “Don’t care if you’re black or white or who you love, I stand for the Flag and the Flag stands for all of us.” Frontman Wes Cook argues that the song promotes a message of patriotism, not political division, as evidenced by the line “you ain’t gotta pick a side, you can love your fellow man and still have pride.”

After the national media reported We Cook’s complaints of political discrimination, Facebook claimed it mistakenly withheld its promotional and monetization tools from the band, assuring it would approve the band’s future ads.

 However, We Cook told Fox News that their attempt to re-run the ad was also rejected.  

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