D.C. Free Speech Rally Targeted By Violent Alt-Left

A collection of lawless alt-left groups that are closely associated with Antifa, a known domestic terrorist organization, have announced that they will disrupt a peaceful bi-partisan free speech rally on July 6th at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC. The Demand Free Speech rally features dozens of speakers who have been victims or censorship by the tech-left, featuring people from across the political spectrum, including Laura Loomer, who is the keynote speaker.

Longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone, Vice Co-Founder Gavin McInnes, congressional candidate Omar Navarro, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio and Jacob Engels are among those who will be addressing a crowd of people who stand against censorship and for our constitutionally protected free speech rights.

Brad Chadford, a liberal progressive and free speech advocate, is also one of the top-billed speakers. You can view the entire list by clicking here.

A Facebook page that was created just days ago and has been continuously promoted by Antifa-linked groups like Smash Racism DC, promises to deny the gathering a platform. Of course, by admitting that they intend on denying a properly permitted and legal event a platform, they are in fact promising to engage in unlawful activities to rob fellow Americans of their constitutionally protected rights of assembly and free speech.

“Not only will we deny the alt-right a platform, but we will also build the capacity to undermine the border, prison system, and welcome the free movement of people. Our collective vision for a world based on solidarity, support, and autonomy begins with our collective resistance now.

Together we can stop the alt-right and watch Trump’s white supremacist fantasies crumble once and for all.”

The announcement was accompanied by an extremely poorly made video, that featured documented racists like Richard Spencer, who is not a speaker at the event and who has been denounced by those speaking at the Free Speech event. It singles out Jewish journalist Laura Loomer and gay Jewish journalist Milo Yiannopoulos in particular, showcasing the alt-left’s ongoing hatred for Jews has not subsided.

Together we can stop the alt-right and put an end to Trump's white supremacist fantasiesCalling for an #AllOutDC mobilization against white nationalism and the alt-right July 6thWhere the alt-right rallies with hundreds, or even dozens, it should be met with thousandsOn July 6th, two days after Donald Trump’s July 4th rally, the alt-right is planning a convergence in the DC at Freedom Plaza. #AlloutDC is calling on every one of good conscience to join us.Speakers includes Laura Loomer, a banned Twitter-personality notorious for promoting Islamophobia; Mike Cernovich, who speaks openly in favor of date rape; and Milo Yiannopoulus, who harassed trans women at AU, taught College Republicans to snitch on the undocumented, and sang America the Beautiful in front of Richard Spencer giving Hitler salutes.This rally isn’t about freedom of speech, it’s about protecting the promotion of hate and bigotry. Whether in bulletproof vests, police badges, MAGA hats, or in khakis, fascists thrive when we look the other way.DC is not new to this. We remember the days before Unite the Right when Nazis brandished guns and Confederate flags in Southeast DC. When Richard Collins III was murdered at the hands of a local alt-right extremist. Where MPD resists implementing the NEAR act, for community accountability of police.And in the suburbs, we see white nationalist sheriffs working through 287(g) contracts to kidnap, imprison, and deport migrants.Right here DC, we saw the Clark brothers planning similar attacks to the Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue massacre.If we want to live in a world where black and brown people are not locked in cages, or killed by right-wing police; where public safety is community lead. Where people from Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador are more free to move across borders than dirty fossil fuel corporations. Wherever state violence grows, we must support communities of resistance.Not only will we deny the alt-right a platform, but we will also build the capacity to undermine the border, prison system, and welcome the free movement of people. Our collective vision for a world based on solidarity, support, and autonomy begins with our collective resistance now.Together we can stop the alt-right and watch Trump’s white supremacist fantasies crumble once and for all.###In DCCome out and support the coming #AlloutDC mobilization. Let us show why thousands of people greeted less than 20 scared nazis last year for Unite The Right 2. There are real alternatives in our community to xenophobia and white supremacy. Neighbors support neighbors at several Really Really Free Markets/free stores, communities bailing out black mothers, and communities welcoming newcomers. Our vision for a more free society where we share power and support each other is in direct conflict with the Proud Boys and fascists coming to DC.It should be met with communities willing to defend the most marginalized.Outside of DCHold a solidarity demonstration against organized hate and white supremacy. Mobilize against a new jail, 287g contacts, or funding line of private prisons/ICE detention centers such as Wells Fargo, Suntrust, or Bank of America. Organize a benefit to bail out black mothers, mutual aid disaster relief, resistance on the borderlands, or show the values of mutual aid and solidarity. Occupy ICE headquarters or police stations.Each time a fascist shows up in one of our community lets show that community-led resistance and solidarity is a real alternative to authoritarianism, hate, and xenophobia.www.alloutdc.orgSigned,All Out DCBlock The Wall NetworkFrederick SocialistsMarch For Racial Justice Occupy Wall StOne People’s ProjectRising Tide North America,Revolutionary Education and DefenseSanctuary DMV Smash Racism DCIt’s Going Down

Posted by All Out DC on Sunday, June 9, 2019


The group, which calls themselves “All Out DC”, took to Twitter to drum up support for their disruption of the free speech rally and to advocate for political violence against the speakers, including acts of “Punching nazis”, throwing milkshakes on speakers, and “smashing” the faces of event attendees.

D.C. is a known hot bed for Antifa, a documented domestic terrorist organization, with a history of engaging in acts of extreme violence in the nation’s capitol and beyond. Organizer Adrienna DiCioccio told me that security is her utmost priority and that she will continue to coordinate with local law enforcement to make sure that all those attending will remain safe.


Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio, whose group has provided security for conservative speakers and free speech rallies in the past, confirmed that he expects “one hundred or more” Proud Boys to make the trip to D.C.

“We are not going to let a group of domestic terrorists disturb this bi-partisan free speech event. They can meltdown all they want… this event will happen and they will not be able to stop us. Americans are fed up with the lawlessness of the alt-left and recognize groups like Antifa for the Hitlerian fascists that they are.”

Jacob Engels

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