On InfoWars Friday Morning


6 thoughts on “On InfoWars Friday Morning

  1. STAY STRONG Laura Loomer! This is Zack Mount! Let’s come up with great fundraising ideas! You still have your Youtube channel. Start doing daily livestreams on there.

  2. Laura Loomer. This sucks that Facebook banned You,Alex Jones and many other. Mark Suckingberg is showing his own true colors. Him and his Liberal fan base doesn’t like the truth. Love you Laura Loomer i’m still voting you.

  3. Chin up Laura. I thought you were great on Alex Jones! I felt your passion and your fear over the uncertainty of what you are going through. I feel that Alex left you hanging. I feel his responses were weak at best. I only know about you from Alex Jones, and I would expect him to help you out financially because his show benefits from your reporting! I will continue to monitor the situation. I am making a donation, try to be strong!

  4. I litterly cried hearing you. My 15 yr old has your problem small scale with his so called friends and kids even at Church and you I’ll help

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