I Am Now The Most Banned Woman In The World

My name is Laura Loomer. I am a 25-year-old American Jewess. Today I was censored by the most powerful corporation in the world for defending my people and exercising my rights.

Loomer banned 2

Self hating Jew Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is an evil man. He fired Palmer Luckey for supporting Donald Trump and nothing happened.

While other scandals at Facebook don’t touch Zuckerberg directly, that one does. The Trump administration has done nothing about social media censorship. It’s all talk, talk, talk and a photo op with Jack Dorsey in the oval office.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey censors President Trump’s biggest supporters, and Trump does nothing. He is allowing for all of us to be slaughtered in his name.

How does President Trump expect to win reelection in 2020 is his biggest advocates and supporters are all banned?

Today I was silenced by Mark Zuckerberg. I woke up this morning and found out I was banned on Facebook and Instagram by Left wing reporters who were tipped off about my ban before I was even banned. News reports about my ban from Facebook and Instagram were published before I was actually banned from the platforms. In fact, I was able to post that I was banned from Instagram, on my Instagram, 30 minutes before I was banned.

How is it not obvious that big tech social media companies are conspiring with the Left to ban Conservatives? In a world where bias wouldn’t exist, I would have known I was banned before anyone else. Yet it seems like I was the last person to know. I never even received an official notice from Facebook explaining why I was banned. I had to find out from radical left wing reporters via texts. I probably would have known earlier, but I am banned on Twitter as well, and don’t have access to social media, which is where news tends to break first these days.

Mark Zuckerberg has defended the rights of the lowest Holocaust deniers on his social media platform, but today he banned a female activist and journalist for being a pro-Israel Jew. All on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

I am a fierce advocate for Israel and the Jewish people, and yet when I go outside, people know me as “that Nazi bitch banned on Twitter”. Now, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, my life is now in danger because he labeled me as a “dangerous person” today. I have never committed a crime. I have never advocated for violence. I am just a conservative Jew who voted for Donald Trump.

Thanks, Jack. Thanks Mark.

A quick observation of the behavior of the average employee in Silicon Valley will reveal that they will happily endorse de-platforming and excommunicating “wrong thinkers” to digital gulags controlled by Marxists and jihadists in Silicon Valley. They call me a Nazi, but their behavior proves they are in fact the Nazis. They are in fact the dangerous people. Not me.

Their behavior is fascism, which makes leftists in Silicon Valley classic projectors.

On April 30,2019, I went to Jack Dorsey’s house in San Francisco where I used a projector and projected the names of every prominent conservative and one liberal banned from Twitter onto a wall at his $10 Million house. Jack Dorsey told members of the US Congress that Twitter is a public square, and he told Joe Rogan that social media is a human right. Thus, by banning me and many other conservatives, Jack Dorsey is preventing me from existing and communicating in the digital public square, and he is committing human rights violations against Conservatives.

Jack Dorsey won’t let me post on my Twitter wall. So I made his wall at his house my very own social media wall. Jack Dorsey told Rolling Stone Magazine that he “loves activism and protest”, so I took the protest to his front door. Jack Dorsey won’t let me tweet, so I posted my would be tweets on his house in real time.

I ended my protest at Jack Dorsey’s house at midnight, marking Holocaust Remembrance Day on May 1, 2019 out of respect for all the Jews exterminated by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Jack Dorsey’s neighbors didn’t like the sound of the loud projector. And Jack Dorsey himself didn’t enjoy the protest, because before midnight struck, the account and livestream on which my protest was being streamed were both banned. With the click of a button, the world was cut off from my #StopTheBias protest in which I was fighting for an end to censorship and social media bias of conservatives.

I suppose he also made a few phone calls too his buddy Mark Zuckerberg, because just two days later, I was banned on Facebook and Instagram, where I had posted pictures and videos of my protest from Dorsey’s home.

Jack exterminated my Twitter account for calling out antisemitism. I outed that Jew hater Ilhan Omar months before everyone else did, and for calling out a pro-terror member of Congress, I lost my Twitter account forever.

My fellow Jews have now followed my lead, nearly two years too late, but they do not give me credit or support. Looking at you, Bari Weiss and Ben Shapiro. You are talking Jews, but I’m a fighting Jew. When the talking Jews were busy talking shit about President Trump and calling him a “white supremacist”, I was fighting to elect him. I spent a month in Israel last May reporting on Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and I reported on the official opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel.

I guess it’s easier to write about fighting anti-semitism than it is to fight it face to face.

Those who want to join my fight are welcome. This week the Trump administration announced it wants to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Council on American Islamic Relations CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood organization in America that supports Hamas. You know, the Islamic terrorist organization that kills Jewish people and works to eradicate Israel.

Today I was branded as a “dangerous person” by Facebook, who accused me of promoting “hate” and “violence” on Facebook and Instagram.

Yet, Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood both still have their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Imagine that…

HAMAS and Muslim Brotherhood are terrorist organizations that kill people.

Yet I am the dangerous one?

Fuck you Mark Zuckerberg. Fuck you Jack Dorsey.

You can either join my fight or get sent to the gas chambers when you also get caught up in this digital shoah.

As of May 2, 2019, I am now banned on every single social media platform and major payment processor in the world:








Uber Eats 




In February, Chase Bank temporarily suspended access to my online banking and canceled my debit card.

Last week I filed a lawsuit in a Florida court for harm caused by my November 2018 ban from the social media platform Twitter.
As reported in the Wall Street Journal, my ban came at the instigation of CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and was carried out shortly after CAIR’s meeting with Twitter executives.

I’m suing Twitter and CAIR. Are you a fighter, or a talker?

If you’re a fighter, you can support my lawsuit at FreeLoomer.com.

Laura Loomer is a conservative investigative journalist and activist. Originally from Arizona, Laura began her career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas from 2015-2017. She covers politics, anti-Semitism, immigration, terrorism, the Islamification of the West, and voter fraud. Loomer’s investigations have been broadcasted on every major national mainstream media outlet in the United States, as well as many international publications.

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61 thoughts on “I Am Now The Most Banned Woman In The World

  1. We applaud your resilience through this entire mess. It’s no doubt the mainstream tech companies hold the keys to internet communication, which is the primary means for global interaction. We here at SayScape are looking to change the landscape. We aim to challenge the norm and bring competition from the group up.
    It’s no easy task. Like you, we are seemingly fighting alone or with a small support group. We will bring more people, we will give the people what they deserve. This company was founded by US veterans who have sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States for over 40 years combined. We need the support of the people. We will push forward.

    If you choose to do so, there’s a place for you on SayScape.
    Thank you!

  2. Hey Laura…..try your best to stay connected….gab is at least something to consider….ill share your plight as always….i was friends with alex and pj watson with their personal account, like yours, was closed…Trump actually follows me on gab…i already shot him a pm/dm…

      1. I have Gab figured out but I cannot understand Telegram. Is it just reading what people post or is there a way to comment?

        1. Apparently you can comment, if you add a comment bot. I’m still working on adding this to my own telegram account. Maybe try to google it and see what you can find.


    1. No, it can be fixed without any government interference, as it should be. Free market capitalism. We need right-wing owned and operated social media sites. We won’t find them starting up in Silicon Valley, but I believe Israel can fill that market gap. Way overdue. Instead of Israeli startups selling themselves to Google, they should compete against Google, FB, Twitter, and Youtube.

      1. Without President Trump also posting on these alternative social media outlets we will be shut out from accessing the President/politicians the same way everybody else is allowed to. It should be a civil right much like access to a telephone line was

      2. I am the Miami based Founder of the “MyBubblZ” social media platform ( Apps and mybubblz.com website ). It is very difficult for a social media alternative not based out of liberal Silicon Valley to get attention and gain traction in a world where Google and Apple have a monopoly on controlling Apps and FB and Twitter run liberal biased monopolies. We should be supporting each other.
        Robert E Schatz MD
        Founder MyBubblZ

    2. Laura. Please run for Congress so you can #GetShiDone. Unfortunately it looks like the only way to #StopTheBias is to send you to Congress so you can do out yourself…since no one sense swarms to want to help you. I am with you Laura!!!

  4. Laura, I think if all of you conservatives that were just mass banned moved to one of the other sites you would have a very large following go with you. We are all sick to death of spending 30 days in jail for offending the protected class. Theres so many other ones. People WILL follow

  5. Laura,
    You are a wonderfully courageous lady.
    I am praying for you.
    Your best days are ahead.
    What your enemies meant for evil God will
    use for good.
    Many people love you.
    Don’t let circumstances get you down.
    Some of us have also survived very tough times.
    God bless,
    Huey Freeman

  6. I cannot even imagine everything that you are going through Laura. I just want to give you a big hug an tell you everything will be ok but I dont know that for a fact. It is truly awful what was done to you. I dont know how you will find the strength to keep fighting. I am not as strong as you. I left Twitter months ago when the conservative bias became too much and when the constant harrassment became too much. You are in fact a FIGHTER just like Donald Trump. I just wish I could do something to help you but I know I cant bring back your social media and your viewers. I just wish more people would see you as the warrior you are and not the “nazi”you are NOT. I love you Laura loomer and please dont let the depression and the big tech giants win. I dont want to read an article where it says you committed suicide and having tons of people smiling and laughing to my disgust. Please stay safe for me and yourself!

  7. You need to join Politichatter.com and go completely uncensored!!! I love it. It has basically the same format as Facebook, user friendly and a very low learning curve. I don’t work for them but this is the platform we have been waiting for. Conservative playground.

  8. Keep up the great work your doing the more they ban you the more they know you getting to the truth and in there heads there petrified of you because they know you don’t give up keep it up

  9. I’m so very upset to not see you on Instagram this morning. Please if there is anything we can do to help please let us know!! So sorry this is happening to you. True Americans know you are no danger. You were just spreading the truth and we thank you and PRAY FOR YOU!

    God bless you Laura. Please never give up.

    Love from CT,

  10. What about the Comvo app they talk about free speech and how they are not like the Facebook and Twitter

  11. Although I would appreciate you not using the f-word, I applaud your heroism in standing for truth. Before long, all those who support freedom will be banned everywhere. Do not think you are the only one facing this: Franklin Graham was also banned for speaking truth (albeit not permanently). I am now praying for you and your strength. Thank you for standing again anti-Israel rhetoric.

  12. Im so sorry Laura. You called it. This is awful. These psycho liberals have created a political monopoly. I’m scared for our future. This is no joke. It is really happening. I’m so sorry Laura. Stay strong. I am praying for you.

  13. Laura, I was so disgusted with Facebook Ifinally found it’s CONSERVATIVE COUNTERPART.
    This site has everything to offer that Facebook has without the LIBERAL, COMMUNISTIC TRAPPINGS!

  14. Vote for TRUMP, this banning conservatives and right leaning comments , is all about trying to make sure Trump is not elected in 2020.

  15. Laura,
    This makes me so mad. I can only hope this makes you stronger. You must run for Congress and make things better in our country.
    The hypocrisy is out of control.

  16. So how hard would it be to start a “post short messages on your phone app” to compete with Twitter? I can’t believe nobody has done it! Finally somebody started a conservative version of Facebook: https://usa.life/ Hopefully a non-censored version of Twitter will soon follow. Time to put an economic and power hurt on the leftists!

  17. Laura you a brave lady, I’m an Israeli Jew, these leftist Jews remind me what a Political figure in Israel once said about these Jews, STALIN WAS ASKED ONCE, WHY HE IS NOT PUTING MORE JEWS IN POSITION OF POWER (IN THE USSR), HE REPLY, THE JEWS ALWAYS HAS BEEN A COSMO POLITIC PEOPLE, AND THEY’LL NEVER A NATIONALISTS, AND I DON’T TRUST THEM, thank God, jews in Israel are not like this sick guy from Facebook.

  18. Keep fighting the good fight. Lose the profanity, no matter how unjust and evil the enemy. Don’t become one of them.

  19. Laura, We are WITH YOU! I’ve never received so many “likes” on my posts as I did when I posted this article and #stopthebias with it. I can’t wait for you to sue the pants off of these companies. They benefit from American ideals but then ban American free speech. We are with you! I know tweeting does “nothing”, but it gets the message out and the President tweeted this out yesterday. People are AWAKE and waking up! Don’t lose faith. Be courageous! It’s in these moments when true character is revealed.

  20. I wonder how we go about making our own platform? I saw something about Sayscape. I’m looking it up. I hope you are on there too! You’ve got supporters. President Trump announced that he is monitoring the social media censorship. More is coming, I am sure of it! Stay strong!


  21. Laura, all of this is proof that you are successful. You will be back, and they cant stop you. There is nothing more determined and powerful than an angry Jewish woman. I know this from personal experience. Been banned, silenced, deplatformed, the whole enchilada. Only made me more determined. We are like Golda Meir; these temporary setbacks are just holidays for you to recoup your energies and refresh your soul. Take time to enjoy our heritage and reconnect with family. Then return to the fray, you are intelligent enough to work out ways to get through, to make yourself heard, seen and impactful. LOVE your work my sister, Much Respect!

  22. Thanks for providing all the other ways to keep up with you, which I just added you on. I also sent you a bit of cash to help your fight. Thanks for doing what you do, real life Wonder Woman!

  23. We’re with you Laura!
    Just post it here and we’ll share it on fbk and twttr.
    Please start a page on MeWe too!
    MeWe has no censorship and no bias!

  24. You’re are so banned on the internet we oy are able to hear about this…via a posting on the internet. #hero

  25. Keep going Laura!
    You could be the 1st woman in a new Mt. Rushmore carving.
    Right next to the carving of President Trump of course.

    You are truly brave and obviously love America. I love the way you fight for her.

    America loves you.

    Thank you for being on the front lines, patriot sister!

  26. I am the Miami based Founder of the “MyBubblZ” social media platform ( Apps and mybubblz.com website ). It is very difficult for a social media alternative not based out of liberal Silicon Valley to get attention and gain traction in a world where Google and Apple have a monopoly on controlling Apps and FB and Twitter run liberal biased monopolies. We should be supporting each other.
    Robert E Schatz MD
    Founder MyBubblZ

  27. You’ve done it to yourself in a way Laura. I feel for you for sure. Why have you abandoned Parler?? You haven’t posted there for three months. Why are you not trying to build that platform? It’s going to get there eventually.

  28. Parlor never works and without having the SAME access to our POTUS and elected officials as everybody else it will never be a replacement

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