Ilhan Omar Scheduled to Speak About ‘Diversity’ at MN Middle School, Parents Not Allowed to Attend

In another act of brainwashing and left-wing propaganda, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) will be speaking at a Minnesota middle school on Friday, and parents are reportedly not allowed to attend the speech.

According to an email sent by a concerned parent:

“Ilhan Omar is coming to speak at St. Anthony Village Middle School on Friday, April 26, at 1pm. These are 6-8th graders, 11-13 years of age.”

The mother said that the school has set strict guidelines for attendance. 

“The school says this is an optional event for students and they need parent’s permission to attend,” she said. “However, parents are NOT allowed to attend with their children. The School Board believes it is a good idea to bring someone like Ilhan Omar in to teach Minnesota’s students about diversity and complexity in our society.”

Police will reportedly be on scene to make sure that parents and the press cannot attend.

Why are educators allowing a terror tied Congresswoman who is mostly known for downplaying 9/11 and being a massive Jew hater to speak to young children?

If you want to tell the school to keep politics out of the classroom, and if you oppose allowing Jew haters and ISIS supporters like Omar to indoctrinate innocent children, you can contact St. Anthony Middle School and file a complaint.

Interim Principal:

Call St. Anthony Middle School 612-701-1030

Laura Loomer is a conservative investigative journalist and activist. Originally from Arizona, Laura began her career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas from 2015-2017. She covers politics, anti-Semitism, immigration, terrorism, the Islamification of the West, and voter fraud. Loomer’s investigations have been broadcasted on every major national mainstream media outlet in the United States, as well as many international publications.

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75 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar Scheduled to Speak About ‘Diversity’ at MN Middle School, Parents Not Allowed to Attend

  1. This seems like a private school, so if parents pay for their child’s education, NOT allowing a parent to be present with their minor kids is basically kidnapping. A parent has the right to know what is being discussed/taught. Only the parents have the right to decide whether their child/children will be exposed to certain “information” from anyone, including a Muslim woman who belittled 9/11, believes in Sharia law & has a major role in CAIR. They go to school for EDUCATIONS, not visits from people with such strict restrictions that deny YOU access to YOUR own CHILD/REN. I have a huge problem with that. Don’t send your child to school that day and be sure to call the school and school district/board.

      1. And especially at a public school I don’t see how they can prevent a parent from attending. I would have my kid out of that school but fast and I would camp out side school superintendent door until my questions were satisfied!!!

  2. Being a parent myself I would not let my child attend , knowing there were police there to keep parents out. What a disgrace

    1. Sheeple parents or like minded. Sharia is spreading like black fungus. Its a parasite, seeping between walls, under floors, hides in corners, until it consumes its host.

  3. most stupid thing I have ever heard these children need their parents guides listening to this woman on anything this To much government reach to our children ! thoughts are anything else!

    1. Well I just called this school and it’s true little Omar did speak at the student assembly… parents never attend these “talks”…. I told the school administrator that I was very concerned about this and these innocent young minds and parents have a right in this particular incident… she was very nice and so was I … I told her that she scares the bejesus outta me and I’m so grateful my children are grown… so there is a voice she heard from that is very worried…

  4. First of all, anytime a child is being taught something and the parents are forbidden to attend, that should be a major flag that something is seriously wrong. And then to also have police enforcing the no parents allowed mandate tells me this is something all parents need to say “no my child will not attend.”

    1. Lawana – I could not agree more. Parents need to do whatever it takes to protect their precious children from such indoctrination and sedition. The police should be tasked with protecting the children from Omar, not keeping parents from protecting their children. And if the school board doesn’t get it, it’s time to find another school.

    2. What are we living In now a police state? If enough students skip this Muslim brainwashing the school boards in this country will get the message!

  5. Why should she even be talking to children this age…they don’t need to be involved in politics.. if she feels the need to educate someone go to collages whom are old enough to undetstand what she talking about and make their own decisions about it all

    1. Bull crap 😡😡😡 no child of mine would attend 😠 if I’m not allowed and you have police to enforce it😠. Bullshit NO

  6. Who let loose the crazys? I have a great concern for the direction some who are in positions to lead America in the wrong direction… God help us… the voters see through their agenda.

  7. This is insane a connected Rep to terrorist and advocate for Sharia law has permission to influence children without their parents present! She is obviously trying to change our culture. I would not have my kids attend and I would vehemently object to the Principal! Also find another school that teaches American values!🇺🇸

    1. Absolutely right! If the patriots in this country don’t make a stand and change our direction we’re going to pay a terrible price. I used to believe that even if my party didn’t win at the polls the other party would at least do what they thought was best for the country. That’s no longer the case. The enemy has gained a foothold in our government with voter support. The “line “ has to be drawn somewhere. We don’t have to extend the rights and privileges we enjoy to everyone!

  8. Hey Laura. You’re a badass and a hero. Keep up the good work. Don’t let the evil of this world dissuade you from reporting the truth. I homeschooled my kids because of the crap schools try like this most recent Ilhan Omar thing. Shout it loud and accurate from the rooftops girl! You’ve got my support!

      1. I complained to the email you listed. In part I said “Your own website states “The district does not discriminate in admission, treatment, employment or access to its programs or activities.”
        It sounds like you have made an exception to this rule by not allowing the admittance of parents to this activity.”

  9. So when one day, the kids, or one of them is responsible for arsen, a shooting, or general hatred toward Christians , we know who to blame. I would take my kids out of school for allowing such a meeting. How about a priest, Rabbi or some other clergy member attending such a meeting? Will she tell them about then Quran and how to hate christians and defeat them?

    1. I disagree. Either threaten a big fat lawsuit if they won’t let parents attend, or give your kid a hidden camera to get it all on video. All parents have the right to know what is being taught to their children. Public schools are funded by taxpayer dollars. Parents have every right to be there.

  10. She does not have America’s best interest , she is a traitor and I am very sure of her agenda , so I would keep my kids home , call the schools, email them , raise Hell , this can not get started anywhere .. Fight with all you got. We got to get this Muslim back home to her people . That’s why they all want open borders so they can “take over” and “destroy” America

  11. That is a disgrace. That woman, Ms Omar should be impeached and deported from this country. She is evil incarnate. Satan’s servant.

  12. I don’t understand how any school In America allowed this woman to speak to children especially without their parents present. The school system should be ashamed of themselves and everyone in the hierarchy should be fired immediately

    1. This terrorist scumbag must never be allowed around any child!!! It must be deported immediately if not sooner!!!!

  13. I have looked for any news story or coverage about what may have happened. There are no written or video reports as of 4:51 PM EST that I can find. Not a single mention to be had on Google about St. Anthony Village Middle school MN.

    What happened?

  14. just to play devil’s advocate, there may be limited space for the parents to attend. BUT if that was the case, why would they need security to keep the parents out? Why are the press not allowed to attend? May be that the parents don’t want their children’s images published to the general public. I believe that the parents should have a transcript of her speech so they can make an informed decision. I also would not allow any of my children/grandchildren attend the speech. I believe the speech should be recorded and published as well to show her true colours.
    As for you, Laura. I admire your courage. I pray that God keeps his hand on you and you are safe to continue your work.

  15. This is so absurd … I can’t believe Omar is being allowed to speak before middle school children, 11 – 13 years old. She swears by Sharia Law, Terrorist activities …. I would never agree for my child to hear this woman, she doesn’t like our Country, our President, our Constitution. She should be impeached ASAP, she is very dangerous to be in Congress. Never anything good will come out of Omar’s mouth. Why is our Country so afraid of offending Muslims?? They are not afraid of offending Americans.

  16. As a parent of children who attended this talk, you may be interested to learn she spoke against the President. Not too sure how that was a good message for middle schoolers. Yet the school defends it as a great opportunity.

  17. Indoctrination!!! Mine would not attend that day! She should not be allowed to go to schools and brainwash young minds with her hatred!!! Her agenda is not for the good of America!!!

  18. Public schools belong to the taxpaying US citizens and have no right to prohibit parents from attending any school event. I feel sure this event and prohibition of parents attending came from the muslims. But, the nonmuslim parents 8n thise school should not tolerate this. They should raise hell about anyone speaking to their kids that they, as parents, are not allowed to hear. Then, if they are not successful in stopping the event, every nonmuslim parent should keep their child home that day. And they should attempt to speak their views and concerns to the press, which, in that state, I feel no criticism of anything Muslim would ever be printed by their media.

  19. I wonder if this moslem vermin knows she can’t do this in America? Probably not as ignorant as these losers are?

    Did you ever see this moron without her headdress? The goofy-looking idiot looks like she has a CGI cartoon head.

  20. You voted them into office, vote them out and Omar too take your state back ..Minn is now the terrorist recruiting capital in THIS country …..Thanks Minnesota. Good Job.

  21. No!!!! This is brainwashing for terrorists and a captured audience and no preschedulung in her part. STOP THE INSANITY PARENTS!

  22. Who is behind and sponsoring these “misfits” to take over our schools and indoctrinate students?
    If they hate what our country stands for why are they invading our borders and laws to live here?
    I see it as a mass invasion taking over our country and culture while certain politicians and do gooders
    hand our country (which got its freedom from the blood of our veterans who fought and died for it)
    over to the misfits on a silver platter.
    When the average citizen speaks out about surrendering our culture, Christian based rules and laws we are accused of being politically incorrect and intolerant! If you don’t like how we live – leave and go back to your wonderful country !

  23. What kind of a country do we reside in, parents are not allowed in what are they teaching these children, I have never heard anything so socialist propaganda in my life, I would never let my child attend, furthermore I would remove him/or her from that school immediately!


    For general inquiries, and questions about the Department (ED) or education policy
    1-800-USA-LEARN (1-800-872-5327)

    Speakers available in Spanish and more than 170 languages.
    Mailing address:
    U.S. Department of Education
    400 Maryland Avenue, SW
    Washington, D.C. 20202

    Ask a Question:

    Best wishes to all there IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS…..STAND YOUR GROUND. Everyone needs to call.

  25. I would FIRE that principal the first chance I got. This is total insanity. That terrorist and the rest of her followers need to be deported back to where they came from. What don’t the people of this state understand that they are radicalizing the children. They want to create an army of terrorists to take down our country.

  26. The most absurd idiotic thing I have read in years! No way should this narcissistic psychopathic self-absorbed idiot and cult-leader have her way with our children. She has only one thing in mind – as do all cult leaders! And this is perhaps the hugest most radical cult we have ever experienced on the planet to date! I am disgusted with any school system that disallows any other religion from expression, but allows a CULT as evil, radical and murderous beyond imagination to manipulate and control our children; unthinkable to allow this evil presence to have any control over our schools, our children and our society! It is evil and only out to destroy the world! Especially North America and Europe who have become easy pawns out of this insane and ridiculous political correctness protocol… Get a freaking grip! Stop this destructive force before it ends the earth and humanity! I will die before I am forced to be part of a murderous, pedophile-based, dark ages, medieval society of evil, male-dominated, sub-human animals! Get this cult-puppet witch and devil incarnate out of here along with all of her cronies in office right now! Give us back out true heritage of freedom, respect for all and love for humanity as a whole – not one stupid CULT that wants to rule the world and kill off all so-called “infidels” that don’t fit or agree to join their damn CULT!!!!!! I watched female family members being spit on and stoned by this cult and their dark ages sharia law – and commit suicide to escape – in their own homeland, England – because they did not have a man to walk down the street with them! Absolutley disgusting! When I burned my bra in the early ’70s and fought for women’s rights, this was not the outcome I fought for – nor am I willing to accept! So if this is where we are heading due to this idiotic thing called political correctness, I’d rather be dead! However, I will fight for my fellow humans and especially women and children who are prey to this degenerate cult and philosophy for as long as I am alive!

  27. I would hope the parents didn’t give permission to attend and had conversation about event with their children.

  28. If I had children in that school they would be very absent that day. That is a total disgrace for her to be speaking to children. Her views have no place in Congress and definitely not in any school!!!!!

  29. Everyone who is outraged can email them then follow-up with a call to the district’s office. Let them know this is UNACCEPTABLE.

  30. My child would not be attending and if the parents there are smart they will all keep their children home. Any action taken against the children for not being there would be met with a law suit. THIS CRAP HAS TO STOP! Rise up AMERICA!

  31. I was an elementary school principal for 30 years in five schools and never at any time were any parents not allowed to hear a presentation that their child was exposed to. Children at the elementary /junior high ages are extremely susceptible to external influences. They are a captive audience Who will be under the influence of an anti-American Politician who does not have the best interests of our country in mind. I cannot believe that any responsible school board, principal or educator would allow this to take place. How are parents supposed to guide and follow up at home with them? This reminds me of countries with dictators who try to drive a wedge in between parents and children knowing Full well that children Are easily influenced. When I hear that no parents will be allowed I have red flags going off all over the place.


  33. Exactly why will there be a police presence? If I am not allowed to attend my children would be allowed to attend and I would be looking for another school for my children right away.

  34. I don’t have children @ this school & I am outraged @ the mere thought of allowing this Omar into your school or any other school??!!
    What are you thinking our children are Americans!! They should be taught American values, English, & the great history of OUR Country!! Excluding the parents…Hopefully they will leave your school ASAP!

  35. The only reason Politicians want to speak to those who are not old enough to vote is in an effort to plant seeds of propaganda (which is how the Egyptians did it btw)… The audacity of this islamic whore too think she can speak to people’s children without them being allowed to be present should say enough. Islam/muslims are a disease on humanity & the islamic people are the enemy of the world… Soon it will be time to show them the only thing they understand, death . Because that’s all they bring to America. Face it, muslims are not compatible with America. They are an authoritative religion of supremacy. Sharia law clearly says that they are to overthrow Western Democracy (US) & that they are to use their enemies resources (Ours) to grow in strength until they feel they are strong enough to overthrow them. They are against our Constitution. islamic law is against assimilation. Their culture teaches infidels (Americans) & other unveiled women are fare game in their rap culture. Women are property & second class citizens to them. This is social transformation without representation.
    Here are some facts I would like to share:
    *Bacha bāzī – (Dari: بچه بازی‎, lit. “boy play”. Which is were they say muslim men have the right to take a little boy as a sex slave ! *Slavery is still common today in the muslim world. They sell Blacks for $400 a piece in Africa, look it up. Long story short, these people are not worthy of being Americans…
    *(tah ha roosh ga maha) not sure on the spelling – is a rap game were a group of muslim men surround a single woman & sexy assault her. Basically gang rap her … Case in point, Cologne Germany 2016 – New Years – they rap 1,500 girls in one night, playing this ‘game’ !!! The news called this cultural differences.
    *They marry their first cousin as “one” of theirs wifes – incest.
    *We are called Dhimmi to them. The Dhimmi is the Arabic term that refers to its non-Islamic embracing population that has the ignominious dishonor of living in Islamic conquered lands.
    *Jizya : Jizya or jizyah is a per capita yearly tax historically levied on non-Muslim subjects. That’s right, they want you to pay a protection tax, which is were the Christian Zunnar (belt) & the star that Jews wear actually came from. Not the Nazi’s . That meant they had payment was up to date.
    *Christians can not ring church bells, Jew can not blow their horn & no one but them can pray publicly in islamic ran areas.
    * By the time islam was stopped in 1924 they had killed 270,000,000 million people in the name of their religion … And that’s just the recorded ones- I’m sure there were more now it has started again. Like the 6,000 Christians they killed in Nigeria the first 6 months of 2018. They made a big deal about 40 people getting shot up in NewZealand but no mention that the 6 months prier to that muslims killed 33 people every day for 6 months over there – hmm…
    *What about all of the Churches burning down in Europe this year ?
    OR how about SAINT-ETIENNE-DU-ROUVRAY, France (Reuters) – Knife-wielding attackers interrupted a French church service, forced the priest to his knees and slit his throat JULY 26, 2016. Nobody’s really talking about that either.
    It is time to Rise Up America & if you think words will solve this problem you are a part of the problem…

  36. If my child went to that school, he/she would not be going to anything that I was not allowed to attend. If there is secrecy, there is a reason. Children do not belong to the school, they are the parents’ responsibility, and Ideas dropped into their heads should be shared values. It is a sacred trust between teacher and parents. I know, because I was a teacher for many years.

  37. Anyone who does send their child should at least give their child a recording device. That way they can record the talk to discuss it later. Also, depending on the content of the lecture, they could distribute it to everyone else so everyone can know what message the school and Ilhan Omar were trying to secretly indoctrinate the children with.

  38. Were they “hiding” something, or were the “afraid” of something, like live negative feedback……

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