President Trump Furthers Loomer’s #StopTheBias Mission

During the 2019 CPAC gathering, investigative journalist Laura Loomer, stopped Donald Trump Jr. in the hallway and worked her magic.

While Don Jr. was in full agreement with Ms. Loomer during the brief stop, the journalist implored to the son of President Trump, “#StopTheBias, Hopefully your father will put a lot of pressure on these social media companies.”

Daper Don was handed a “Free Loomer, #StopTheBias” shirt and hat and walked away smiling.

Two weeks later, President Trump Tweeted this:

Laura Loomer started the #StopTheBias hashtag that has grown to a movement as conservatives continued to be silenced and deplatformed on social media.

In November of 2018, Loomer was banned by Twitter after calling Ilhan Omar “anti-Jewish.”

Since that time, Omar has been outed — even by her own party — as being Anti-Semitic.

Despite Loomer’s “ban-worthy” tweet being proven factual, the social media platform founded by Jack Dorsey continues to ban the journalist.

In addition to being banned on Twitter, Loomer has been banned from Uber, Lyft, Paypal, Venmo and other services.

“While I’m thrilled that President Trump tweeted #StopTheBias, he must follow through with an investigation and action to stop harm to conservative voices, conservative candidates, and conservative thought,” stated Laura Loomer.

For more from Loomer, listen to her interview with Alex Jones recorded earlier this week.

1 thought on “President Trump Furthers Loomer’s #StopTheBias Mission

  1. the censorship of conservative Trump supporters is only getting worse as 2020 elections get closer. demonrats are so threatened by the truth their hatred and racism is coming to the light due to social media and they r doing all they can do to stop us..we must not allow it to happen..and now fox news has caved so where do we go now?? I prefer being loomered than not knowing any truths at all..msm fake news is enemy of I support you Laura Loomer..Patriots..we must stand tall and together

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